Primapress press brake machine and how to choose best mold for our bending work

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When many customers buy a bending machine, they are mostly confused about what kind of mold to choose. Today, we will first talk about the types of upper molds of the bending machine, and how to choose the suitable upper mold for the production of their own workpieces?

  1. The commonly used upper molds for bending are: 88ºstraight knife (R1), 30ºsharp knife/straight sharp knife (R1/R0.5), 88ºcurved knife (R1), 88ºstraight curved knife (R1/R0. 5) And the flat mold and the special upper mold.

2. The selection of the bending mold is generally based on the arrangement of the bending mold sequence after the drawing review.

3. According to the angle, choose the upper mold:

3.1 When the processing angle is greater than or equal to 88º, the upper mold less than 88° can be selected (such as: straight knife, sharp knife/straight sharp knife, curved knife, straight curved knife, etc.).

3.2 When the processing angle is less than 88º, the upper mold of 30ºshould be selected (eg: sharp knife/straight sharp knife).

3.3 When the edge needs to be pressed to bottom, a sharp knife/straight sharp knife should be used to fold it into an acute angle (usually 30º), and then the edge should be pressed to death with a flattening mold.

3.4 When the thickness of the plate exceeds 3MM, the use of sharp/straight sharp knives should be avoided to prevent damage to the knives.

4. According to the needs of the shape: when processing the U shape. A machete can be selected; when machining a Z shape, straight knives, sharp knives/straight sharp knives, straight curved knives and curved knives are usually used.

straight knife:

sharp knife::

curved knife:

Regarding the machete, there are actually many different sizes. Choose the corresponding size according to the height and depth of the product.

All in all, before the customer asks about the machine, it is best to tell us the plate thickness, material, length and which products need to be bent, so that we can choose the most suitable machine model and matching mold for the customer.

The above are the major categories of molds on the bending machine. Next time, we will continue to talk about the types of down molds.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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