Press Brake: The Ultimate Guide (2022 Updated)

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1. What is a Press Brake?

A press brake is a machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die. Usually, the press brake is also called sheet metal bending machine. It is widely used in various industries such as automobile, aircraft manufacturing, light industry, shipbuilding, containers, elevators, railway vehicles and so on.

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 2. How does the press brake bend metal sheet?


Set the pressure holding time, pressure relief time, and the distance of the horizontal stop, adjust the position of the horizontal stop of the CNC sheet metal bending machine.

Set the number of steps of the CNC sheet metal sheet bending machine, as well as the stop position and the number of bending sheets for each step.

Select the continuous operation gear position, the press sheet metal bending mechanism is not at the upper travel switch position, first automatically return to the upper travel switch position; step on the foot pedal to advance slowly, press the sheet metal bending mechanism to automatically press down; touch the travel switch When the time, the horizontal stopper mechanism moves back to set the distance and automatically maintains pressure at the same time; the CNC sheet metal sheet bending machine automatically performs pressure relief when the pressure is maintained, and when the pressure relief time reaches the lower pressure sheet metal bending mechanism, the bending mechanism automatically returns and is horizontal at the same time. The stopper mechanism automatically advances the set distance; when the travel switch is touched, one bending action ends and the next bending is performed.

The current step of the CNC sheet metal bending machine is completed, and the stroke switch is touched, the horizontal stop position is automatically adjusted, and the CNC sheet metal bending machine enters the next step of bending.

All the steps of the CNC sheet metal bending machine are completed, and the stroke switch is touched, and the continuous bending action of the CNC sheet metal sheet bending machine ends.)

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3. The structure of sheet metal bending machine:

● Integral welding processing structure

● Imported internationally renowned flat brand electro-hydraulic servo valve and grating ruler form a closed-loop control mode

● High precision of position feedback of the slider, accurate and stable operation, good synchronization performance, high bending accuracy and repeatable positioning accuracy of the slider.

● Backgauge can adopt a more complete backgauge mechanism with multiple backgauge shafts according to customer needs.

● The hydraulic system adopts an integrated control system, which reduces pipeline installation and customer service oil leakage, and ensures the working stability of the machine tool with a scientific and beautiful appearance.

● The hydraulic deflection automatic compensation mechanism eliminates the influence of the deformation of the slider on the quality of the workpiece. The numerical control system automatically adjusts the compensation amount, which is convenient and accurate.

● The numerical control system adopts special numerical control systems for sheet metal bending machines of well-known brands such as DELEM in the Netherlands, ESA in Italy, and CYBELEC in Switzerland.

Main parts of sheet metal bending machine include:

  • slider
  • workbench
  • synchronization system
  • stopper mechanism

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4. Press Brake Types

Generally, there are essentially two categories of press brakes:

Electronic Press Brakes — They use electric motors that only run when there’s actual bending to perform. Variable speed drives are often included as a way to further improve efficiency.

Hydraulic Press Brakes — The hydraulic models rely on gear pumps to push oil from side to side. They’re extremely powerful and reliable, but they’re less energy-efficient and more expensive to maintain. (They continually run while the machine is on, even when there’s nothing cycling through the machine.)

There are dozens of press brakes in different sizes and models with unique capabilities and characteristics. So you can always see many other classifications like servo-electric press brake, mechanical press brake, pneumatic press brake, CNC bending machine and so on.

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5. Press Brake Buying Guide

How to choose the right press brake machine? Remember there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. What you need to consider before buying your sheet metal bending machine? Many of you should think of the material grade, the maximum processing length and thickness… That’s right, but you need to cover many other factors to make a wise purchasing. For more information, click here:

6. Common Problems and Solutions for Bending Sheet Metal

During the farbrication, you may come across some problems. Don’t worry, you can find solutions in these articles:

7. Press Brake Maintenance

To extend the lifetime of your press brake, regular maintenance is necessary. The following related information will be helpful.


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