Primapress panel bender bending center

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Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co,.LTD is a company that integrates product development, functional customization, manufacturing .Based on many years of experience in the field of bending ,After-sales service as one of the high-tech enterprises. The company’s headquarters is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital. Introduced the new Prima CNC System automatic bending center.

The prima bending center is equipped with an automatic bending length adjustment system, which is suitable for bending sheets of different sizes, and can process different specifications continuously without manual adjustment.Machine tools significantly reduce downtime while ensuring personnel safety and eliminating potential human error. Realize automated production custom made

PRIMA1400mm 2000mm 2500mm machine size 。 uses a servo motor direct drive main drive, which abandons the bending method of the hydraulic station as the power source. It has remarkable characteristics and powerful functions. It has high efficiency, energy saving, noise reduction, high precision and other functions, which can achieve multilateral one-time bending Various processes such as arc forming.

Primapress panel bender bending center adopts a full servo system. Unlike traditional bending machines, the bending machine mold needs to be pressed down against the fixed part of the bending machine, but the bending work is completed by the blade. During the bending process, the plate The material holder fixes the plate. The blade can be bent up or down in different shapes. First, one side is bent outward, and then it is automatically bent inward. These different actions are controlled by the servo electric drive device, which can ensure the highest positioning accuracy in the bending sequence and bring the best bending effect. Industry Application.Food machinery, goods and household appliances .Steel furniture, sheet metal and warehouse .Electrical cabinet .Steel door and frame .Elevators and escalators .Generators .Hospital and laboratory equipment .HVAC .lighting device

 The mechanical part of the reasonable operation of the welding process and tempering treatment process, which improves the toughness and stability of the main bed body, and meets the international requirements.primapress company Rich experience in flexible bending center assembly, which improves their own rigor and detail processing, and makes the equipment used more flexible.The press knife adopts the special press knife with thick plate, which has a stable structure and a strong bearing capacity. The press knife will not shift in the equipment work due to the pressure to the structural problems.The folding knife adopts the weighted folding knife design to ensure that the folding strength of the equipment can meet the bending force requirements when bending stainless steel.Welcome to inquiry,looking forward working with you .

Prima -HS2500


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Hello Customers

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