Primapress mini cnc press brake machine small bending machine 30ton 1600mm is popular

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The bending machine presses the plate between the upper mold and the lower mold through the system control slider, so as to achieve the predetermined bending effect. This machine is currently one of the best-selling products in the bending market. different Types of bending machine are matched with the corresponding system configuration according to customer requirements.

When receiving the customer’s inquiry on the Alibaba platform for the bending machine: I am looking for 1200 30T press brake. Can you please confirm actual pricing and current leadtine? The inquiry content indicates that the customer’s current desired machine size is 30T/1200 , But did not indicate the accuracy requirements for bending. So continue to understand the needs of customers through whatsapp.

Through WhatsApp, the customer once again stated that the size of the machine is 30T/1200, and put forward: Can you provide pricing on both we67 and also wc67 machines and give me guick difference comparison between these models? According to the customer’s request, formal quotation about WC67K CNC 30T/1200 bending machine with tp10s and WE67K CNC Electrical-hydraulic 40T/1200 bending machine with DA53T are sent to customers for review, and the functions of the system, the accuracy of bending, the number of controlled axes and the internal configuration of the machine Introduced the difference between the two machines in detail to help customers understand the two machines in detail.

After checking the information, the customer said: It is clear that we would go with the WE67K CNC model. Could you please tell me shipping costs to Riga, Latvia? If we do payment this year, can you manufacture and ship out until Chinese Naew Year?

When checking the LCL ocean freight and clearly stated that it will be shipped before the end of the year, the customer is glad to choose us, we are ready to go forward with an order from your PRIMA company. We choose WE67K CNC model. Please prepare contract that could be signed from both sides and Invoice for advance payment.

PRIMAPRESS is guided by customer requirements and provides the most professional product introductions and high-quality services to ensure customer satisfaction.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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