Primapress JH21-110T Pneumatic punching machine

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Mr J is from Indonesian customers. He saw our machine on Alibaba website, and then inquired our machine. At first Mr. MRJ asked a lot of machines, such as our J23-110T mechanical punch machine , JH21 -110T pneumatic punch, and the J23-25-ton mechanical punch,also asked some models of shearing  machines and shear machine blades, so I think this customer knows the machines in the sheet metal industry very well. And it is our customer group, and then the customer being interested in our machine,than  I introduced the advantages of our machine in detail to Mr. MRJ, about the punching machine respectively.

JH21 -110T Pneumatic punching, braking method is pneumatic clutch, mainly stamping power, from the motor to drive the flywheel, the flywheel drives the crankshaft, and generates the impulse.

1. Safe, pneumatic punching is higher than traditional punching in terms of safety performance;

2. Precision, pneumatic punch is higher than traditional punching; upper and lower molds are more convenient than traditional punch.

3. Speed, pneumatic punching is faster than the punching machine; the pneumatic punch has cylinder, which needs to be used, but the tradition is not used;

4. Price, pneumatic punching is higher than the traditional punch.

 H23-110T Ordinary punching is a traditional brake method. It is commonly braked with mechanical keys. The main stamping power is mainly stamped. The motor drives the flywheel and the flywheel drives the crankshaft. Ordinary punching is also called pressure machine, which is a traditional mechanical processing method with stamping process. Such machine tools can achieve product materials and energy, and the efficiency is relatively low than pneumatic punch. The technical requirements for operators are not high.

Therefore, the JH21 series  pneumatic punch is a universal machinery of the stamping industry. It is suitable for cold pressure work such as punching, and stretching. The most customers choose, and the scope of application is very wide.

After a period of communication, And the parameter details of the machine inquiry and confirmation ,Mr. Mr J decided to choose us and bought 3 sets punching machines , two  sets JH21-110T Pneumatic  punching machines  and one mechanical punching machine of JH23-25T.

Here are the parameters and machine photos of our JH21 series of pneumatic punch. Welcome customers to inquire

Main Technical Specifications:

Nominal Strokemm344566
Slide Strokemm80100120140160160
  SPMFixed min- 11008070605050
Max. Die Heightmm250270300320350350
Die Height Adjustmentmm506080808080
Between Slide Center & Framemm210230300300350350
Bolster (FB×LR)mm400×700440×810580×900580×1000680×1150680×1150
Bolster Opening (Up HoleDia.×Dpth×Lowmmφ170×20×φ150φ180×30×φ160φ200×40×φ180φ200×40×φ180φ260×50×φ220φ260×50×φ220
Bolster Thicknessmm80110110120140140
Bolster Opening (Dia./FB×LR)mm260×250300×300390×460390×520420×540420×540
Slide Area (FB×LR)mm300×360340×410400×480420×560500×650540×680
Shank Hole (Dia.×Dpth)mmφ40×60φ40×60φ50×80φ50×80φ60×80φ60×80
Between Columnsmm450550560640760760
Main Motor PowerkW35.55.57.51111
Outline Size (FB×LR×H)mm1300×1050×20501390×1200×24001580×1210×25201640×1280×27001850×1450×30601850×1490×3060
Net Weightkg260034505400700093409900


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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