Primapress is working with Europe agent for press brake machine and shearing machine

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Today we got a order from Europe about  press brake machine and shearing machine

Customer want to buy our press brake machine and shearing machine , but he did not know us before

So I send some Email to  our customer include as following  :

If we can work together, you can get following advantages:

1, better press brake machine and shearing machine by gantry type machining center processed press brake machines , also all our machines adopt following best parts:


controller Estun E22 for press brakeE21S for shearing machine

motor Siemens baide  

electrics  Schneiders

seal ring Japan NOK

pump Rexorth,Bosh,Germay

hydraulics Rexorth,Bosh,Germay

pipe connector JS Brand Germany   

ball screw Taiwan Hiwin

tooling made by Prima

manual crowning made by Prima

color & brand made by Prima

2, better Price than all of our main competitor ZYMT, ADH, ACCURL , AHYW, if you are working with some small trading company, then we can also compete with them by the same machines parts .  

3, flexible business way like partial financial support payment as Primapress is very strong in our industry and we have big confidence on our machine quality. As we have worked with some big distributor from Russia, USA, Thailand, Dubai and so on, so we have a lot of experiences to work together with big distributor like you from Europe.

4, faster responce if any machine problem, and free parts by DHL all paid by our company.

Due to we are private company and growing very fast with young boss, so we can work with everything very fast and strictly.

And also

1, Primapress machine all have 2 years solid warranty, including all main parts in the paper. 

so if anything breaks, we can send you for free within the warranty time. 

for small items, we pay the DHL, for big items, we can ship by container. 

2, Primapress after sales team is very professional and very fast responding. if any problem, we can solve and help you quickly. 

3, our Mini order is one container machines , for example you can buy 3 100ton 3200mm in one container. 

4, we can do special color or looking, so your machines will be special in Russia market. 

5, Primapress factory is big productions, we can finish machines within 30 days, and some models, we have stock. 

We hope you can read our email and consider seriously about us.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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