Primapress introduction of plate shearing machine

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The shearing machine is widely used, and basically there is the sound of the shearing machine in all the mechanical equipment factories. The shearing machine can be roughly divided into: mechanical test and hydraulic type. The mechanical type uses a motor to drive the movement of the tool holder to complete the task of shearing. The hydraulic shearing machine uses a hydraulic cylinder to drive the movement of the tool holder. The working principle of the shearing machine is very simple. the shearing machine with a shear thickness of 1-2mm is mostly mechanical transmission.

Primapress introduction of plate shearing machine 1
Primapress introduction of plate shearing machine 2

The shearing machine can be divided into flat blade shearing and oblique blade shearing according to the position of the upper blade to the lower blade. In the case of flat blade shearing, the sheet material is in contact with the full length of the upper and lower blades at the same time, and the shearing force is large and the power consumption is large. , the vibration is also large. However, the shearing quality is good, and the sheared sheet is relatively straight and has no distortion. The transmission mode of flat-blade shearing shears is mostly mechanical transmission, which is mostly used for small shearing machines and sheet blanking. The oblique edge cutting adopts the method of gradual cutting, so the instantaneous shear ruler is smaller than the width of the sheet. The shearing force and energy consumption are smaller than those of flat-edged shearing, so it is used in large and medium-sized shears.
Today we mainly talk about hydraulic shearing machine. Hydraulic shears are divided into guillotine shears and pendulum shears, which are mainly determined according to the material and thickness of the plate. Generally speaking, we recommend steel plates larger than 10mm. Use the guillotine shears because of its higher stability and stronger shearing force.

Guillotine shearing machine:

Guillotine shearing machine

Pendulum shearing machine:

Primapress introduction of plate shearing machine 3

Primapress hydraulic shearing machine is a kind of machine that can realize white movement control. Because it is controlled by hydraulic oil, it has low noise, good working environment, automatic control of inter knife clearance, good mechanical performance and high machining precision.

Primapress introduction of plate shearing machine 3
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