Primapress exhibited CNC fiber laser cutting machines at exhibitions in Turkey.

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In May, it is always a peak season for CNC machine tools, especially sheet metal bending equipment. This month, Primapress participated in several grand exhibitions. What is most memorable is that on May 8th, the PRIMAPRESS team arrived in the beautiful and historic city of Istanbul, Türkiye. The booth area for this exhibition was 60 square meters. The Türkiye agent, KalenLaser, showcased four machines: a 3000-watt fiber laser pipe cutting machine (6 meters long, chuck 10-230 mm), a 3000-watt fully enclosed exchange table fiber laser cutting machine, and a 3-kilowatt single platform 3015 fiber laser cutting machine. Primapress achieved great success at this exhibition, receiving a total of 50 valid customer inquiries and signing three orders on site.

Primapress will continue to invest in the Turkish market.

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fiber laser cutting machines 2
fiber laser cutting machines 3
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Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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