PRIMAPRESS double pump hydraulic system press brake bending machine

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Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co,.LTD. is located in the center of China’s machine tool industry, Gaochun, Nanjing. Our company specializes in the research and development mechanical presses, CNC shearing machines, CNC press brake bending machines, various hydraulic presses, combined punching and shearing machines, and mechanical bending machines.

Primapress company focuses on export business, the company has obtained EU CE certification, and our products are exported to all over the world. With modern enterprise management methods, the company is committed to refined management and zero-defect operation management, based on product quality management, and has won unanimous praise from customers for its excellent quality, innovative design, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service.

In response to the global policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, Primapress has been committed to the upgrading and transformation of machines, bringing more benefits to customers with low energy consumption and high efficiency. Primapress upgraded the original electro-hydraulic CNC bending machine into double pump hydraulic system controlled press brake bending machine.

The double pump hydraulic press system, which is between the proportional reversing valve controlled and the servo driven solutions for press brakes. It is an electro-hydraulic servo control system which combines the advantages of two drive technologies: The design eliminates the need for external piping, and the system is installed directly on the cylinder, which is cleaner and leak-free.

The double pump hydraulic system translates the electrical input from the machine controller (CNC) in to mechanical linear motion. To accomplish this, the machine controller communicates with the axis controller and subsequently with the motor controller. The synchronized cylinders follow preselected profiles, consisting of a working motion or a rapid motion, using controlled tracing. The drive controls the position of the bending tool- and its force during stamping – with a speed-variable motor-pump unit.

The double pump hydraulic system is an innovative servo drive for CNC press brakes, with a very simple cylinder interface and no external lines. Simple drive/cylinder interface ensures easy installation of customers’ cylinders.Therefore, the double pump hydraulic systemcan bring the following benefits to customers:


  • Fast – 10% better performance by reducing cycle time
  • High efficiency – 50% increase in energy efficiency (compared to traditional systems)
  • Precise – positioning accuracy reaches 0.005mm
  • Flexible – the stroke can reach 400mm
  • Reliable – minimal risk of leakage
  • Low Noise – Noise reduction in all operating modes
  • Compact – creates a new space on the midplane
  • Compatible – easy integration into CNC
  • Cost optimization – less installation and service charges
  • Environmentally friendly – the amount of hydraulic oil is greatly reduced.

With the continuous innovation and development of science and technology, Primapress will keep up with the pace of the times, continue to develop and innovate, and bring the best machines to our customers.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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