Primalaser cnc metal fiber laser cutting machine 2kw is cutting 12 hours per day for buyer

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Today primalaser got one good message from Primalaser buyers , it says:  

Talking to a customer today about a small problem with a machine we got him setup with earlier this year. He said… “I’ve been running it like 12 hours a day though for 2 weeks only happed like 2-3 times” Did you catch that?? running 12 hours per day! Look at all those parts. I really hate to see guys get so hung on small details of machines. Guys will literally message me on and off for 2 years about a machine, just completely paralyzed by some cost detail, or shipping detail. Meanwhile, machines like the one shown, a 2KW primapress get put right to work, producing parts and revenue for the owner. Love it! 

Primalaser team is really happy for this positive comments. This make Primalaser team feel great to be a responsible and hard working sheet metal fabrication machines manufacturer. Nowdays, every factory can not win customers by only words , we have to give customers some reference in their nation, so it can get the fast trust, otherwise, we can not win the customer. Primalaser company has sold around 200 sets cnc metal fiber laser cutting machine to the world only in 2021 . every metal fiber laser cutting machine play a good role in the customers factory. This is our base to have more and more shares in the competitive market.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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