Prima company specializes in the production of wheelbarrow production lines

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with fast production speed and high production capacity.

Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Mingjue Industrial Park, Shiqiu Town, Lishui District, Nanjing, specializing in the production of hydraulic press machine.There are some machine mold:Y27-100T. Y27-200T.Y27-315T.Y27-500T.andY32-100T.Y32–200T.Y32-315T.Y32-600T.Y32-800T and many other Machine models, also our company can customize the hydraulic press machine, customize the machine table size or others to meet customer all needs.

Our prima company With the continuous development of the company’s strength, has the ability to configure a complete set of wheelbarrow production lines for customers. Below we will introduce the specific process and machinery of the wheelbarrow production line. First of all, we will ask the customer the wheelbarrow material and thickness of the body that needs to be done; and ask the material, diameter and thickness of the pipe.Then according to the size of the customer’s product, confirm the drawing. Then start designing the wheelbarrow production plan.

A set of wheelbarrow production line includes shearing machine, pipe bending machine, hydraulic press, punching machine, laser welding machine, and corresponding molds, and then we will be recommend customer can buy some ready-made wheels, usually pneumatic wheels or rubber solid wheels, solid tires are more durable.In the production process, First we will be cut sheet plate into small pieces using a shearing machine. Then put it on the hydraulic press machine , and use different molds to complete the production of the wheelbarrow bucket. The punch punches holes inside the wheelbarrow bucket to facilitate the assembly of the pipes, so that after the wheelbarrow  bucket. wheelbarrow bucket is produced, we will be use a pipe bender machine to bend the frame and other parts of the wheelbarrow ,After that, a small-tonnage punch is also used to punch the metal pipe. It is only necessary to replace the pipe punching die. The process also needs to determine the hole position first, then punch the hole, and then flatten and fold a small section of the pipe at the punched hole.easy to use screws to fix later.  and finally assemble all the accessories with a laser welding machine, so that the complete wheelbarrow body is completed.

And about Spraying production line: If the customer’s budget allows the pursuit of higher production efficiency and product effects, the spraying production line can be added. For example, spraying production lines can be choose to African customers, because Africa has abundant natural gas reserves, easy access and low cost.

In this way, the production of the complete wheelbarrow is completed, and welcome to customers to consult.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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