Preparation Before Starting the Hydraulic Ironworker Punching and Shearing Machine

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Due to the national plan to expand domestic demand, especially the policy effects of the key industry adjustment and revitalization plan, the production growth of the mechanical equipment industry has become prominent, with an increase in month on month growth rate, and has initially entered the stage of recovery. The gradual improvement in demand and the sustained low prices of major raw materials will enhance the profitability of enterprises, and the industry’s profit situation will further improve. The hydraulic ironworker punching and shearing machine industry has good prospects.

The combined hydraulic ironworker punching and shearing machine and mechanical profile hydraulic ironworker punching and shearing machine combine functions such as punching, shearing plate angle steel, and profile cutting, with advantages such as light weight, small volume, and low noise. They are ideal equipment for modern mechanical manufacturing industries such as metallurgy, bridges, communication, and power.

Preparation before startup

  1. The lubrication of each transmission part should be sufficient, and each lubrication point should be refueled 2-3 times per shift; The cutting tools and punching molds should be intact, free from cracks, and firmly fastened;
  2. The gap between the punch and the wall of the lower die hole should be uniform and meet the requirements of punching and shearing. The lower configuration of the punch should slightly exceed the plane of the lower die hole; The electrical insulation and grounding of the equipment are good.

Operating steps and specifications


Ensure the normal and safe operation of the hydraulic ironworker punching and shearing machine, ensure the personal safety of equipment operators, and meet production needs.

1. Operating Steps

  1. Check the power supply, the voltage is stable, there is no phase loss, and the Residual-current device and air switch are in good condition. Connect the wires, open the joint hydraulic ironworker punching and shearing machine wiring cabinet, connect the wires, and close the cabinet door.
  2. After powering on, press the foot switch and the machine will not move. Swap the power cord and check if the emergency stop switch is turned on.
  3. During work, be sure to turn off the power every time you change the mold.
  4. After completing the work, turn off the switch, turn off the main power switch, unplug the power cord, and clean the debris.

2. Safe operation regulations

  1. Punching and shearing of steel plates, round steel, square steel, and section steel can be carried out simultaneously. However, two types of steel shall not be cut at the same time.
  2. Cutting quenched steel and processing beyond the equipment’s capacity are strictly prohibited.
  3. The cutting tool and blade should be kept sharp, and if the blade becomes blunt or has cracks, it should be replaced in a timely manner. When cutting steel plates, round bars, square bars, and section bars, they must be pressed tightly.
  4. When cutting or punching, it is strictly prohibited to touch the surface of the processed workpiece with hands, measure the workpiece, and directly clean the leftover materials with hands.
  5. When leaving the machine tool, the operator must stop the machine and check that the original positions of the handles in each part have not changed when driving again.
  6. Do not cut laminated plates, narrow plates and short materials that are not tightly compressed.
  7. When feeding, the fingers must be 200mm away from the blade, and special tools should be used for small parts.
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