Precautions for Using Hydraulic Punching and Shearing Ironworker Machines

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What issues should be paid attention to when using hydraulic punching and shearing ironworker machines? Let’s have professionals from the joint hydraulic punching and shearing ironworker machine manufacturer provide answers for everyone.

  1. Operators should comply with the general mechanical safety operating procedures for hydraulic punching and shearing ironworker machines. It is necessary to be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool, strictly follow the equipment operating procedures, and pass the training and examination before starting work.
  2. Operators should wear labor protective equipment according to regulations
  3. Before driving, the power supply and voltage must be checked to ensure they meet the requirements before power can be transmitted.
  4. Before work, the lubrication system, hydraulic system, and compressed air system must be checked, and the oil quantity, oil pressure, and air pressure must meet the requirements.
  5. When starting the machine every day, it is necessary to check whether the photoelectric protection device is normal. If the photoelectric protection device is abnormal, it cannot be started. When starting the machine tool, the operator must ensure that there is no one within the working range of the machine tool.
  6. For the first time using the program, it is necessary to first perform an empty run without loading the workpiece, and only after ensuring that there are no errors can the workpiece be loaded for processing.
  7. Before starting the machine, the discharge ports of the upper and lower molds must be checked to ensure that there are no iron filings. Check the integrity of the tool holder components, stripper plates, cutting tools, intermediate rings, and adjustment rings. Check the integrity of the cutting tools and punching molds without cracking. The gap between the punching and cutting machine punch and the mold hole wall should be even, and the cutting tool edge should be kept sharp.
  8. When the machine tool is in operation, the operator is not allowed to leave the control console or entrust someone to take care of it. When leaving, the machine should be stopped or the power switch should be cut off.
  9. When approaching the machine tool, adjust the speed to zero and press the stop button.
  10. After the work is completed, cut off the power supply, including disconnecting the air switch in the power box and disconnecting the power supply of the air compressor. Place each handle in the working position and lock each door cabinet.
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