Order with Singapore customer about W24S-6 profile bending machine

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firstly: Mailbox assigns customers and asks customer needs

The customer’s first email has clearly stated that the required machine model is W24S-6 profile bending machine, so the initial docking task is to find relevant quotations and pictures, and collect other customer contact methods (such as WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.)

Reply to the email: send the compiled quotation sheet about W24S-6 profile bending machine and our company’s business license, and obtain the customer WeChat for later confirmation

second: Detailed machine parameters and final price issues

Through WeChat, I learned that the biggest problem of the customer is to confirm the maximum and minimum radius, maximum and minimum cross-sections of the W24S-6 profile bending machine for bending different plates.

Solution: Contact the manufacturer directly, establish a group with customers, and quickly learn detailed machine parameters through voice calls. The manufacturer send me the modified data and i resend the quotation to the customer.

After the customer confirms, they clearly request that the final transaction price is XXX US dollars. After receiving this information, the manager and I applied for the lowest price of at least XXX  US dollars (including wooden boxes).

Solution: I will feedback the confirmed price of XXX US dollars (including wooden box) to the customer, and explain that this price is not only the price of the Section profile bending machine, but also the cost of the wooden box, the cost of the truck to the designated warehouse in Shanghai, and the cost of warehousing.

The client replied after staying for one day that he accepted the transaction price of XXX US dollars provided by us, and asked us to prepare PI of Section profile bending machine.

Finally: prepare PI, confirm the color and voltage of the Section profile bending machine

Ask the customer for relevant information and confirm the voltage, and send the prepared PI to the customer by email. After the customer receives the email, the relevant documents have been confirmed and the subsequent payment is prepared.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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