Operation process and specifications of heavy metal sheet shears

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In the metal processing industry, it is indispensable to cut metal materials. The commonly used shearing equipment is the sheet metal shearing machine. Its working principle is that one blade makes a reciprocating linear motion relative to another blade. Cut the metal material, and according to the size of the metal material that needs to be cut, the size of the sheet metal shearing machine used is also different, for example, cutting the very large metal material requires the use of heavy metal sheet shears The trigger, from the name, it can be seen that it is very large, so do you know how to operate these heavy metal sheet shears? What is the operating process? Do you understand the operating specifications? The following editor is for Everyone introduces in detail.

The operation process of the heavy metal sheet shearing machine:

  1. Check whether the material and thickness of the sheet are the same as the picture, whether the surface of the sheet is uneven or defective, pay attention to the direction of the texture, and determine the cutting sequence.
  2. Adjust the gap between the upper and lower cutters according to the thickness of the plate, adjust the position of the back gauge, whether the cut material is accurate, and whether the width at both ends is consistent.
  3. During the cutting operation, always check whether the size of the cut sheet (length, width, diagonal) conforms to the drawing.
  4. The cut sheets should be sorted and stacked, neatly stacked, and marked with name and size to protect the surface of the board from damage.
  5. When cutting small pieces of sheet material, it must be cut after the pressure column of the sheet metal shearing machine can be cut back, and pay attention to the safety of the operation.

Operation specifications of heavy metal sheet shears:

  1. The operator must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment with super performance.
  2. Before starting the equipment, add oil according to the equipment lubrication regulations and check the oil volume of the oil cylinder.
  3. The upper and lower blades should be adjusted before work, and the blade gap should be determined according to the thickness of the sheared steel plate. Generally, it is between 8-10% of the thickness of the plate to be cut. Each gap adjustment should be locked and adjusted according to the thickness of each plate.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to wipe the machine tool during the working process, and no debris or tools are allowed to be placed on the workbench to prevent the blade from being damaged by the blade. When cutting the material, the pressing plate must be pressed tightly to prevent the material from rebounding and hurting people.
  5. Always pay attention to whether the locking mechanism, clutch, brake, and foot switch are abnormal or malfunctioning. When cutting, you should concentrate on cutting. If the equipment is abnormal, stop cutting immediately, cut off the power supply and notify the maintenance personnel for overhaul.
  6. In accordance with relevant regulations, pay attention to safe and civilized production, and the surrounding environment and sanitation.
    The introduction of the operation process and operating specifications of the heavy metal sheet shearing machine is the above content. When you use the heavy metal sheet shearing machine, you can refer to the above content to ensure the smooth progress of the processing and also extend the metal The service life of the plate shearing machine.


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