Mexican customer orders small bending machine

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Primapress Company is committed to promoting its bending machine, laser machine, plate shearing machine, punch and other machines on multiple platforms. Customers can search our products through Alibaba platform, made in China website platform, Facebook and other channels, or through our official website Com enter our page to understand the development history and diversified machines of our company, and choose the machines you want according to your needs. We will also provide targeted and high-quality services to help customers choose the machines that are most suitable for them.

A Mexican customer searched our small bending machine through Alibaba platform and sent us an inquiry, expressing the idea of continuing to understand the relevant details.

In the initial conversation with the customer, we asked about the material, size, thickness and bending angle of the plate, so as to recommend the appropriate machine model and quotation to the customer for inspection. The customer said that the material is carbon steel, the length is 1.3m, the thickness is 3.6mm, and the bending angle is mostly 90 ° 45 °. According to the customer’s plate information and budget, we recommend WC67Y CNC 63t1600 with tp10s (x yaxes), an economical model, and send the relevant quotation and pictures to the customer for viewing.

After checking the quotation, the customer asked about the function of tp10s system, mold style and segmentation. With regard to the functions of tp10s system, we introduced that the system can control the two axes of XY, and it can not be debugged after one debugging when debugging the bending angle, which improves the efficiency of bending. In addition, in order to help customers understand the system better, we also sent detailed instructions about the system.

About the mold style and segmentation, we introduce that the mold style is designed according to the bending angle of the customer and the drawing of the sample; As for segmentation, the standard segmentation is in the quotation, and we can also remark the segmentation according to the customer’s requirements.

After confirming these relevant information, the customer said that I would pay a deposit in advance this week. We are happy to help the customer choose the machine he wants, and said that Primapress Company will also ask the technicians to provide online guidance on how to use the machine later.

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Mexican customer orders small bending machine 2
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Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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