Metal plate Smart folding machine Intelligent Bending Center Bending Range and System Introduction

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Intelligent flexible Metal plate Smart folding machine Intelligent Bending Center bending sheet metal bending does not require molds, and can fold various complex shapes. It can fold complex shapes of various combinations such as right angles, non-right angles, arcs, upper and lower folds, and is used in the field of metal forming of different workpieces in different industries. The equipment is equipped with pure electric servo system instead of hydraulic drive, which has the advantages of environmental protection, high speed, high precision and maintenance-free.

Application scope of Metal plate Smart folding machine Intelligent Bending Center

Metal plate Smart folding machine Intelligent Bending Centers have been widely used in file cabinets, electrical cabinets, tool cabinets, kitchen utensils, vehicles, ventilation, air conditioning, purification, education, experimental equipment and other industries, greatly improving the production efficiency and consistency of sheet metal products , reducing the operating cost of the plant.

Intelligent bending machine bending configuration diagram

Intelligent bending machine operating system:

1 The intelligent bending machine adopts the intelligent bending numerical control system developed by cooperation, which runs on the operating system above Microsoft WINDOWS7. Based on the traditional machine tool control commands, the intelligent bending CNC system has customized a unique and complete command control protocol, which is more convenient to control and has higher real-time performance.

The programming method of the CNC system of the intelligent bending machine is programmed in an intuitive and concise table format (as shown in the figure):

Functionally, it supports complex actions such as upper dead edge, lower dead edge, and arc that cannot be formed in one step by traditional bending machines.

2 Precision of CNC system of intelligent bending machine

The intelligent bending machine adopts a fully closed-loop system, and the accuracy of all compensation parameters can be supported to 0.001 mm or 0.001 degrees.

3 Cases of intelligent bending CNC system programming:

4. The CNC system provides the following functions to assist bending and ensure bending accuracy:

4.1 The system provides a compensation self-learning module, the customer only needs to record each correct bending compensation into this module, the system will automatically match the compensation to the new programming, the user does not need to re-adjust the bending angle compensation or position compensation.

4.2 The system provides an automatic calculation module for rotation compensation for each bending tool. The customer only needs to place the formed workpiece on the table, measure the left and right height of the bending edge that needs to be compensated, input it into the automatic calculation module of rotation compensation, and then update the system rotation compensation parameters. .

4.3 The system supports the replacement of the suction cup, and automatically adapts and recommends the optimal suction cup according to the size of the workpiece and the actual bending situation. After the programming is completed, when the workpiece size is too small and cannot be bent, the system will automatically switch to the borrow mode and try to bend If the workpiece cannot be bent after borrowing, the system will automatically prompt the user for the minimum workpiece size supported by the bending program.

4.4 The minimum forming size supported by the intelligent bending machine system is 130MMX190MM, which is determined according to the bending program.

4.5 The system provides automatic oil supply system and fuel tank shortage detection prompt function, users do not need to worry about equipment motors, bearings, screw rods and other core components being damaged or affecting their service life due to lack of oil lubrication.

4.6 The intelligent bending machine system provides the collision protection function of each axis. The user does not need to worry about the internal collision of the bending machine during the bending process, resulting in equipment damage or abnormality. The system will predict whether the position of each axis will interfere. If there is interference, it will immediately terminate and prompt the user. In normal bending, the system has guaranteed the user to operate freely and safely between different axes, and the user does not need to worry about the problem of the collision of the axis during the bending process.

4.7 The system provides the handwheel control function. Because of the anti-collision knife system, the system can allow the user to reach the desired position of each axis through the handwheel at will.

4.8 The intelligent bending machine system provides the function of automatic positioning of the plate, adopts the automatic positioning of the numerical control positioning device, and completes the multilateral bending in one positioning, which shortens the bending cycle time. Different positioning datums can be selected according to the shape of the workpiece, and the shearing error of the sheet is controlled on the first bending edge to ensure the dimensional accuracy after forming.


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