Malaysia customer order Primapress 630ton metal deep drawing Hydraulic Press Machine

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It was early morning of November 25 when we received this inquiry of hydraulic press machine from client. The inquiry includes the specific requirement of the hydraulic press machine from client, so I started to reply immediately, and tried to add the client’s mobile number. Fortunately it’s whatsapp number, so I chatted to client timely.

When I contacted client by whatsapp, client quickly reply to us. I confirmed the hydraulic press machine requirement with client again, and knew a key point, what the hydraulic press machine is purchasing for government project. I Naturally asked a question to the client “how much does the government provide you with the project budget?” The client immediately told us the project budget is $40000. Based on the above information, we talked to our engineer and ask them to recommend the hydraulic press machine model of lower cost. Then we can provided the lower quotation to client.

Before 30th, November, we only sent the quotation sheet of Y32-630T hydraulic press machine with 5 cylinders, some videos and pictures to client, and helped client to check the shipping cost, no any other more communication. On the 30th, client proactive contacted me and told me a news: he is very likely to get the order from government, but need some discount under limited fund. I stated the fact that the price of the machine is not high and the reason why a higher price is not provided, also expressed the strongly cooperation intention. After getting the procurement plan from client, and told client that I would submit his idea to our management and give him the answer asap. The customer also asked me for a business card.

On 1st, December, I told client that we made a decision in the meeting, so would like to provide $1000 discount to him. At the same time, he said that another supplier provided him the quotation including a extra function and sent me the screenshot to prove. I immediately called our hydraulic press machine engineer and quoted a little lower price then another supplier. I know that customer prefers our machine quotation, but the decision is made by his management. So I also explained again that we are sincerely honest to cooperate and will give the full support to customer and help him to get the order. In the evening, his Chinese friend contacted us and said that would visit our factory next day.

As his friend know a little about our production base, and our factory floor area gives him a huge confidence. The Chinese gives the good feedback of our factory to customer. On the second day after the visit, I took the initiative to contact the customer to know the new progress. Basically customer had confirmed the cooperation intention, we also sent the proforma invoice of hydraulic press machine to client preparing the paperwork. After several rounds of bargaining, the deposit was finally paid some days later.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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