Maintenance method of CNC press brake bending machine and introduction of product parameters

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In recent years, with the continuous increase of labor costs, many companies have chosen to purchase CNC press brake bending machines to replace labor in order to save costs, but because of the lack of understanding of its maintenance methods, it often leads to shutdowns, so how should CNC press brake bending machines be repaired? Woolen cloth? Let’s take a look together. The following is an introduction to “the maintenance method of CNC press brake bending machine and the introduction of product parameters”.

How to overhaul the CNC press brake bending machine

CNC press brake bending machines always wear out in a certain working environment, and PLC is no exception. Although the design of the PLC has reduced maintenance and failures to a small extent, if regular maintenance and overhaul can be carried out on the PLC, it can be strived to keep it always working and in the state, and at the same time, the system failure can be greatly reduced.

Maintenance and repair

The main contents of maintenance and overhaul include checking whether the power supply voltage is normal, whether the surrounding environment meets the installation requirements, whether the voltage of the input and output terminals is normal, whether the backup battery is regularly replaced, whether the PLC units are firmly installed, and whether the junction box terminals are in good condition, etc.

Backup battery replacement

The backup battery of the PLC has a certain lifespan. For example: operating at an ambient temperature of 25°C, the battery life is about 6 years. When the backup battery voltage is low, the indicator “ERRLED” lights up. This is, the battery must be replaced within 1 month.

When replacing the battery, first charge the PLC for more than 1 minute, and then replace it within 3 minutes. The specific operation steps are as follows.

  1. Cut off the power supply of the CNC press brake bending machine.
  2. Open the storage unit cover.
  3. Unplug the backup battery and pull it up until the battery cover is pulled open.
  4. Pull out the lead and remove the battery.
  5. Install a new battery and connect it to the PLC socket.
  6. Cover the battery cover and storage unit cover.
  7. Turn on the PLC power.

The working principle and maintenance of CNC press brake bending machine

CNC press brake bending machines are widely used in the industrial field, and many jobs in the industrial field are inseparable from CNC press brake bending machines. However, when you operate the CNC press brake bending machine, you must understand the working principle of the CNC press brake bending machine in advance, so that you can use the CNC press brake bending machine correctly. So, what are the basic working principles of CNC press brake bending machines?

Under the same load, the deflection of the table and slider of the 10-foot machine is 4 times that of the 5-foot machine. That said, shorter machines require less shim adjustment to produce acceptable parts. Reduced shim adjustment in turn reduces setup time.

The material grade is also a key factor. Compared to mild steel, stainless steel typically requires around 50% more load, while most grades of soft aluminum require around 50% less.

Imprint bending is the same as bottomed die bending, except that the front end of the punch is processed to the required bending radius, and the punch and die gap at the bottom end of the stroke is smaller than the material thickness. Springback is essentially avoided by applying enough pressure (about 10 times the free bend) to force the front end of the punch into contact with the material.

In order to select the lowest tonnage specification, it is best to plan for a bending radius larger than the material thickness, and use the free bending method as much as possible. When the bending radius is large, the quality of the finished part and its future use are often not affected.

When using free bending, the bending radius is 0.156 times the opening distance of the die. During the free bending process, the opening distance of the die should be 8 times the thickness of the metal material. For example, when forming 16 gauge mild steel with a 1/2 inch gap, the part will have a bend radius of about 0.078 inch.

The bending radius is almost as small as the material thickness, and a bottomed die forming is required. However, the pressure required for forming a bottomed die is about 4 times greater than that for free bending.

CNC press brake bending machine maintenance

The bending machine is often used in production, but due to long-term use, various failures of the CNC press brake bending machine will occur, so if there are frequent problems in daily life, then your bending machine needs maintenance at this time, then for the bending machine How much do you know about maintenance and repair?

Fault 1: When the slider changes from fast to slow, it always stops for a long time.

At this time, we will check whether the oil volume is insufficient. When fast-forwarding, it is very likely that there will be insufficient liquid filling. This is caused by the emptying of the oil cylinder. If this is the case, the height of the oil in the fuel tank can be increased a little, and it is most suitable about 5 mm above the filling port, so that the filling hole is completely covered by the oil.

You can check whether the filling is insufficient. It may be that the speed is too fast. At this time, modifying the parameters can effectively solve the problem; check whether the filling valve is dirty. Sometimes the filling valve is filled with liquid due to oil contamination. The valve core of the valve is contaminated. At this time, just clean the filling valve.

Fault 2: The slider is normal when it is working automatically, but when it is manually operated, the force of the folding plate is insufficient and cannot go down.

Check whether the reversing valve is working normally, it is for control, if the filling valve is not closed, then the upper chamber and the filling port of the fuel tank are connected, and the pressure cannot be formed, at this time the valve cannot work normally, if the valve cannot It works normally, it may be that the switch is not turned on or the valve is contaminated and stuck.

At present, the specifications of the bending machines installed and used by the manufacturers are very reasonable. The structure of this equipment is very simple, mainly composed of brackets, workbenches and fixtures. When using bending equipment to process materials, The equipment will complete the bending operation by controlling the platen, so the whole operation process is very fast, and the normal use of the bending equipment can also effectively improve the work efficiency, so the application of this equipment also provides a lot of benefits for the processing operation.

Nowadays, the bending machines used by people are all made of steel structure, so the equipment can be prevented from impact during use, and the quality of the equipment has been improved. There are many transmission devices on the bending equipment. Oil cylinders are installed on both sides of the machine tool, so that the slider will start to run after the equipment is started, and the material will be processed. The slider will be completed during operation in combination with parameter settings. It can make the bending operation more precise.

When using a bending machine, although people can change the mold at will, they should pay attention to the operation method when replacing the mold. It cannot be replaced during the operation of the equipment. The equipment must be stopped first, and only after it is determined that each device has stopped working. The mold can be replaced.

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