Libya customer orders WC67Y CNC 125T3200 PRESS BRAKE

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First, after receiving the assigned customers from Libya in the mailbox, check the purchase demand information.

We received an email from the Libyan customer, which indicated that the type and system model of the desired bending machine was WC67Y CNC hydraulic 125t3200 press brake with CT8, but the configured mold was still under confirmation, and asked us for a detailed quotation of this bending machine.

After summarizing the relevant information, we sent the detailed quotation of WC67Y CNC hydraulic 125t3200 press brake with CT8 to the customer for review, and sent the mold catalog as an attachment. The email stated that you can select the standard mold configured in the quotation or the mold style of the mold catalog. Our quotation includes the price of one upper mold and one lower mold. If you have doubts about the selection of molds, you can also tell us the bending sample drawings or bending angles, and we will also select the best mold matching for you.

Second: focus on confirming the matching mold style

After receiving our detailed quotation, the customer was very satisfied with the machine we configured, but he encountered difficulties in choosing the mold. He sent us a set of composite upper and lower mold drawings and asked us about the price of the 3200 long mold and what Max thickness can this die bend easy. Whether this mold is only suitable for thin plates, because the sharp blade position of the upper mold looks very fragile.

After confirming with the mold technician, we told the customer that the set of molds can be bent to a maximum of 4-5mm thick, and sent the quotation of 3200 long molds to the customer. After checking, the customer informed that this set of composite molds was a plan for future procurement. The current bending angle is 90 °, so let us match the best mold with a bending angle of 90 °. We suggest that he adopt the standard mould in the quotation, which is enough to meet his requirements.

Finally: sign PI and approve the color, voltage and other information of the machine

After the customer agrees to the scheme, he is willing to sign a PI with us. In order to ensure the accuracy of the work order, we have approved the color and voltage of the machine, and provide the best guarantee for the customer with the best service.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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