12kW-40kW Large Laser Cutting Machine

--Comprehensive Solution For Cutting Large Format Materials

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  • Can Cut Extra Long And Extra Large Materials
  • 5-year Warranty

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Ground-Rail Type Large Format Laser Cutting Machine

Power: 12KW-40KW

Cutting Area: 3000*12500mm、3000*14000mm、3500*14000mm、3500*24000mm、4000*24000mm

Max Accelaration: 0.7G~1.0G

Max Positioning Speed: 70~100m/min

Mechanical Repeat positioning accuracy: X : 0.03mm, Y : 0.07-0.14mm

The primalaser ground-rail type large format laser cutting machine adopts a ground-rail segmented bed, and the load separation ensures cutting accuracy. The processing formats of different lengths can be customized according to needs, achieve overall processing of ultra-long and ultra-large workpieces. Processing, transportation and installation are less affected by space constraints.

Stability & Precision

Ground-rail systems offer high rigidity, provide a stable and sturdy platform for the laser cutting process. The fixed rails mounted on the ground ensure minimal vibration, resulting in precise and accurate cutting, especially for large format materials. The rigid structure minimizes flexing or bending during the cutting process, ensuring uniform cutting quality across the entire workpiece.


Ground-rail systems are robust and durable, designed to withstand heavy-duty cutting operations over extended periods. This durability ensures long-term reliability and minimal downtime, maximizing the machine’s lifespan and return on investment.

Flexible Segmented Base Bed

  • Mechanical Structure
  • Modular Design

Segmented Based Bed

  • Segmented based bed, Box-type structure to ensure the accuracy of the entire guide rail surface, high strength.
  • Double feet support on both sides ensure good stability.

Segmented Box-Type Mechanical Structure

Segmented box-type mechanical structure and inside strengthening ribs design make sure ofhigh accuracy, high strength, no deformation in 20 years production.

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Main Electrical Collocation

Part Name


Laser Source 12Kw-40Kw Raycus/IPG Optional
Cutting head BOCI China
Reducer SHIMPO Japan
Waler chiller Over-flow protection, temperature stability ±0.5 °C Wuhan, China

Rack & Pinion

Bevel type : ROR Grade DIN6/German standard GTf<0.036mm German
Guide Rail high speed and high accuracy Taiwan
Electrical parts Schneider France
Solenoid Valve Airlec or SMC Taiwan, Japan
Auto-sensor Accuracy ±0.1 mm China
PC System Hyptronic produced by original controller company Friendess
X axis servo Yaskawa Japan
Y axis servo Yaskawa 4.4Kw*2 dual driving Japan
Z axis servo Yaskawa Japan
Control system Controller: FScut8000B Ethereal System Shanghai, China


Primalaser 2024


High power laser cutting


ProCutter 2.0 - Product presentation - v1.6 cn

Single Laser Cutting Machine

Double Exchange Laser Cutting Machine

IPG Cutting

Features And Functions

Auto Dusting System

Dusting channel connecting with fan blower or dusting collector

Considering the open structure and a special auto dusting system is made.

Bed designed with left side blowing system, right side sucking system, which will keep the work area clean and comfortable for operators

Fan moves together with gantry, and blows at cutting area, dust and smoke will run away from another side to dusting channel.

Z Axis Modular Design

Z axis modular design and the organ cover profiling design, which greatly reduces the gap, ensures the internal sealing, has better dust prevention effect, and improves the stability during operation.

Safety Grating

During production, if there’s anybody enters the cutting area, the cutting will stop to avoid accident.

Cutting Head

  1. Excellent sealing, the only cutting head can be tested under water.
  2. Convenient for maintenance: independent drawer design, Easy to Maintain, Low Cost to Repair Ready-to-use optics drawer, lens changing time in 5 mins.
  3. It has the function of testing the pressure of the gas and make compensation, also can alarm with lake of gas.
  4. Anti-collision Prevention: protective screws keep cutting head from damage. the screw will be automatically dropped off in case of violent collision, which will protect cutting head from serious damage and loss.

> Taper/Bevel Cutting Optional

  1. Cutting Head With AB axis double swing structure Flexible, highly scalable, and can be plugged in with different types and configurations of laser cutting heads;
  2. Lightweight design, the overall weight does not exceed 13kg; The direct connection mechanism of the motor and the reducer is adopted, and the intermediate transmission link is omitted, and the reliability is guaranteed;
  3. Adopt stable structure design, with good dynamic characteristics and high precision; Reliable dust-proof design.

Air Conditioner Room For Power Control System

  1. Air Conditioner Room For Power Control System with all electrical and PC system, and laser source installed inside.
  2. Good for area with high temperature and factories who have long time continued production everyday.
  3. Dust proof, Keep all electrical parts working stably and prolong the lifetime of the components.

Offline Nesting software CYPNEST

  • Fast nesting, save material
  • Cloudcut
  • Visual residual reproduction

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Prima can do the designing according to customer samples ,photos or drawings, and manufacture the quality and using machines by very experienced and professional team .

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