Iron plate CNC metal fiber laser cutting machine accuracy relationship and factors

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As a smart device, CNC metal fiber laser cutting machine plays an important role in the field of sheet metal processing. However, smart devices often face a common problem that is how to standardize the use. According to relevant statistics, the standard use can even make The service life of CNC metal fiber laser cutting machine is extended by 5 to 10 years.

Although CNC laser cutting has super cutting ability, it is not a panacea. It has strict requirements on material properties and processing environment. Only standardized use can guarantee the performance of CNC metal fiber laser cutting machine.

In sheet metal processing, general stainless steel, carbon steel, non-ferrous metals and other materials can be cut, but if high-reflection materials such as non-ferrous metals are cut for a long time, it is easier to damage the lens of the laser. Therefore, we do not recommend long-term cutting of non-ferrous metals. Metal and other high anti-materials.

Although the later use cost of the CNC metal fiber laser cutting machine is very low, this does not mean that there is no need for maintenance during use. Only regular maintenance of the machine can prolong the service life of the machine.

Since a lot of dust is generated in the process of cutting metal, it is necessary to strengthen the treatment of dust to ensure that the internal parts of the machine are spotless and ensure the effective operation of the equipment. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the lubrication of the machine, and to lubricate the transmission equipment such as the guide rail rack and pinion in time to increase the running speed of the machine. When many people buy a metal fiber laser cutting machine, they all care about the accuracy of the machine. To a large extent, accuracy has become a standard for measuring the quality of a machine. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of laser cutting. Of course, there are the factors of the equipment itself, but at the same time, the accuracy also changes with different factors such as materials and materials.

1. External factors:

1. Material to be cut: In the same situation, the cutting accuracy of different materials is slightly different. Even if it is the same material, if the composition of the material is different, the cutting accuracy will be different. Generally speaking, under the same conditions, the smoother the material, the higher the cutting accuracy;

2. Auxiliary gas and nozzle: During the laser cutting process, the auxiliary gas and nozzle play the role of cleaning and controlling the cutting speed to a certain extent. If there is uneven pressure and temperature in the airflow, it will cause changes in the density of the airflow field. Such a density gradient results in a change in the refractive index in the field, thereby constricting the focus of the beam energy, causing refocusing or beam divergence.

2. Factors of the equipment itself:

1. The quality of the laser beam: the smaller the spot after the laser beam is gathered, the smaller the slit and the higher the processing accuracy;

2. The degree of vibration of the worktable: During laser cutting, the worktable vibrates with the vibration of the laser head. High-precision worktable with stable linear guide rail and stepper motor, the higher the cutting precision will be;

One thing to realize is that the accuracy of the metal fiber laser cutting machine is not only related to the equipment itself, but also related to external factors. When we use the metal fiber laser cutting machine, we must set and adjust the relevant parameters of the equipment according to the specific processing materials and the quality requirements of the user, such as: power, focus position, cutting speed, auxiliary gas, etc. , In order to achieve the product accuracy requirements required by users.


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