Introduction to Common Control Systems for metal fiber laser Cutting Machines

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metal fiber laser cutting machine is a high-tech intelligent equipment that integrates CNC technology, metal fiber laser cutting technology, and inverter power technology. The development of metal fiber laser cutting technology is based on the common progress of disciplines such as computer control, metal fiber laser optics, and power electronics. Among them, the CNC control system plays a very important role. Below, Primametal fiber laser manufacturer will introduce three commonly used control systems.

1. PIC system, belonging to a relatively old board control system, can be integrated into a regular computer to run, and uses backend software to control analog signal transmission. Although the control system is old, it belongs to a fully open system.

2. Bochu System. Bochu System is a metal fiber laser cutting machine system developed by domestic personnel for the domestic market, and a non closed-loop open system developed for metal fiber laser cutting machines below 2000W. This system has the advantages of simple operation, rich functions, and simple human-machine operation for metal fiber laser cutting machines below 1000W. It is widely used by most domestic metal fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers on metal fiber laser cutting machines below 1000W. After years of upgrading and experimentation, Currently, it is a stable system configuration for metal fiber laser cutting machines up to 1000W.

3. PA8000 system, PA system is an open CNC system based on PC technology. Open CNC technology represents the cutting-edge technology in the global CNC field, and its advanced technology has been adopted by many famous automation companies around the world. Shenzhen Han’s Bian Digital Control Software Technology Co., Ltd. (HAN’SPA), jointly funded by Shenzhen Han’s metal fiber laser Technology Co., Ltd. and German PowerAutomation GmbH (PA), is specialized in high-power metal fiber laser cutting machines. After years of experimentation and research and development, it has the advantages of fast speed, high accuracy, and multiple closed-loop inspections for metal fiber laser cutting machines above 2000W.

Primametal fiber laser manufacturer is a large professional manufacturer of metal fiber laser equipment and one of the first batch of enterprises to produce metal fiber laser cutting equipment. The company has 17 years of R&D and production experience, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Tongkuai Company, and is leading in technology and integration. Since its establishment, Primametal fiber laser manufacturer has always focused on the research and development of metal fiber laser cutting technology and the development needs of customers, committed to providing comprehensive metal processing solutions for customers in various industries.


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