Introduction, operation steps and how to solve the problem of the large sheet metal bending machine!

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Large sheet metal bending machines are semi-automatic numerical control, which improves the accuracy and speed of large sheet metal bending machines to a certain extent, and also brings some special functions that can greatly improve work efficiency, such as automatic avoidance, molds Library, single step cycle, direct angle calculation, the accuracy can reach 0.05mm, and the torsion axis numerical control mold is also more demanding than the ordinary aluminum bar and sheet metal bending machine, and the machine frame processing demand is higher.

The difference between ordinary sheet metal bending machine and large sheet metal bending machine

Adopt advanced electro-hydraulic synchronization technology. Y1~Y2 axis are the independent motion parameters of two oil cylinders controlled by the CNC system. Two Spanish GIVI grating rulers are installed at both ends of the large-scale sheet metal bending machine, which are used to determine the exact distance between the slider and the worktable. The grating ruler is connected with the worktable through a small frame (C-shaped frame), which eliminates the influence of column deformation on the position of the slider. When the slider is running, the position data is immediately fed back to the numerical control system, and it can measure and output servo valve control signals S1~S2, control the output flow of the two electro-hydraulic servo valves, and synchronize the two cylinders. This position measurement process is closed-loop control.

The deflection compensation system of the large sheet metal bending machine can ensure that the working table and the upper slide are always parallel during the bending operation.

The data of sheet thickness, length, lower die opening and tensile strength are all input into the large sheet metal bending machine system. The bending strength and the offset of the corresponding worktable and upper slider are automatically calculated, each time the large The bending operation of the sheet metal bending machine will be automatically controlled by the numerical control system to adjust the protrusion amount of the mechanical deflection compensation system to reach the position. The system provides automatic correction and automatic compensation capabilities. It can conveniently, reliably and accurately adjust the deflection curve of the worktable in the full length range to match the deformation curve so that the full length angle is consistent. This machine adopts advanced mechanical deflection compensation system to ensure the straightness of the workpiece.

Introduction to the large-scale sheet metal bending machine system
The self-developed CNC bending system is equipped with 3+1 axis and 10′ touch screen as standard. Its characteristics are as follows:
The bending methods of large-scale sheet metal bending machines include three bending methods: angle bending, absolute value bending and large arc bending.
It contains 50 upper and lower mold libraries respectively, and users can edit the molds they need independently.
Program preview and program selection function of large sheet metal bending machine. In the program preview interface, you can see the program that the user has edited and stored, and click to call it.
The diagnosis function can diagnose system and equipment failures in time.
The large sheet metal bending machine can store 100 programs, and each program can edit 22 bending steps.

The large arc bending program of the large sheet metal bending machine automatically calculates the X/Y axis progress according to the arc angle, radius and number of repetitions
With the automatic axis extension function of large sheet metal bending machines, the system has entered the X-axis extension value for the national standard plates and V grooves, and customers can adjust them according to their needs.
When the program is running, the X-axis/angle value can be corrected as a whole/step by step.
The front-axis limit function is to set the X-axis front limit by setting the X-axis safety zone in the lower mold parameters.
The back pull function and the movement delay function of the large sheet metal bending machine, the deflection compensation is automatically calculated. Deflection compensation adopts mechanical compensation method to improve product stability
The large-scale sheet metal bending machine is equipped with a hydraulic motor automatic stop function. When the equipment is not working for a long time, the hydraulic motor will automatically stop to achieve energy saving effect.
Equipped with a replacement hydraulic oil reminder function. After the machine tool runs for 2500 hours, if the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced, an alarm will appear.
The advanced Y-axis control algorithm of the large-scale sheet metal bending machine can realize closed-loop control to ensure bending accuracy and stability. Main pressure control and overpressure protection function.
Generally speaking, sheet metal bending machines are divided into ordinary hydraulic sheet metal sheet metal bending machine WC67Y series, simple CNC hydraulic sheet metal sheet metal bending machine WC67K series, and electro-hydraulic servo synchronous full-scale sheet metal bending machine WE67K series. Large-scale sheet metal bending machine has better rigidity compared with ordinary sheet metal bending machine; hydraulic double-cylinder upper transmission, mechanical stopper, torsion shaft synchronization, stable and reliable operation, high precision; backgauge distance and slider stroke adopt electric Adjustment and manual fine-tuning methods, and equipped with digital display device, convenient and quick to use.
When we use a large sheet metal bending machine, in order to get the bending effect we want, we must follow the correct steps to operate the machine. What are its operating steps? And if we use the machine in the process of machine failure, we must also learn to find the cause of the failure.

What are the operating steps of a large sheet metal bending machine?
  1. The thickness, material properties and shape of the bent sheet should be coordinated with the bending method and bending equipment, and no illegal operation is allowed.
   2. Before bending, adjust the blade gap according to the thickness of the sheet and check whether the cutting edge is sharp.
  3. Adjust the stopper device according to the size of the bent sheet, tighten the screws after the trial cut is qualified, and check and adjust regularly during mass production.
  4. Before using the sheet metal bending machine, check whether the clutch, brake and safety device of the sheet metal bending machine are normal.
  5. Cooperate and coordinate when operating with multiple people, and abide by the safe operating procedures.

How to solve the failure of the large sheet metal bending machine?
   1. When the noise of the oil pump is loud, the oil suction resistance of the oil pump is large. Check the suction port and filter screen to remove the blockage. Low oil level. Fill the fuel tank to the center line of the oil window. The oil has a high viscosity. Replace hydraulic oil. The oil temperature is too low. Run the oil pump idling for a while to heat up or install a heater.
  2. The oil circuit can’t build up pressure, and when the upper tool rest does not move, the electrical plug of the solenoid valve is in poor contact. Check the plug. The solenoid valve spool is stuck or frayed. Remove the spool for grinding. There is debris in the valve core sealing port, which does not have a sealing effect. Clean. The orifice in the valve is blocked. Disassemble and clean.
  3, hydraulic sheet metal bending machine hydraulic system maintenance ideas, hydraulic system failures should be based on the principle of easy first and then difficult, first outside and then inside, electric control first and hydraulic control first. Examine the hydraulic schematic diagram, understand the logical relationship of the action, and don’t blindly do it. The relationship between pressure and flow is that flow produces pressure to analyze the cause of the failure. Ask the operator to understand the operating conditions of the equipment and the abnormality when the fault occurs.


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