Introduction and Features of High Power Bevel metal plate fiber laser Cutting Machine

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What is bevel metal plate fiber laser cutting machine

Bevel cutting, also known as beveling, is to ensure the quality of welding. For example, two steel plates with a thickness of 10mm are to be welded together. In order to make the welding seam firm, a slope will be opened on the edge of the steel plate, which can be understood as a chamfer. In this way, the two material pieces will form a gap due to the chamfering, and the gap can be filled with more solder, making the welding more sufficient, thereby increasing the strength of the welding. Due to the different material thickness and welding quality requirements, the welding joint form and groove shape are also different. Generally, it can be divided into K type, V type, Y type, U type, X type and other grooves.

Industry pain points:

Traditional bevel cutting adopts punching, grinding, flame, plasma and other processing methods, or uses metal plate fiber laser direct cutting and blanking, and then processes the bevel by manual or automatic edge planer. There are deep cut marks, large thermal deformation, large gap, missing arc angle, multiple processes, long cycle, and high labor costs, which in turn affect the subsequent welding quality and increase in processing costs. Such as flame and plasma processing, it is easy to produce deep cuts, which need to be eliminated before welding, so as not to cause the groove to be unfused. Moreover, in special parts, it can only be eliminated by grinding, and repair welding is not allowed. If there are defects, subsequent processing is also very troublesome. At the same time, flame and plasma processing belong to high-heat processing. High temperature means that it is easy to thermally deform, resulting in the need for reverse deformation after the groove is processed, which is also a major pain point in traditional groove processing.

Recommended Equipment Primametal plate fiber laser High Power Bevel metal plate fiber laser Cutting Machine.Based on the pain points of the industry and the needs of customers, Wuxi Zhouxiangte launched a high-power intelligent bevel fiber metal plate fiber laser cutting machine to solve the bevel processing problems for customers in one-stop.

1. Features

◆Primametal plate fiber laser bevel fiber metal plate fiber laser cutting machine adopts imported fiber metal plate fiber laser with good beam quality, small thermal deformation and good incision quality. Equipped with imported high-precision servo control unit to ensure the swing accuracy of the cutting head and reduce the accuracy error of the groove angle of the processed parts.

◆Using the original imported five-axis numerical control system, which can precisely control all axes, breaking through the conventional straight-cut cutting method, and realizes bevel cutting with two axes swinging not less than ±45°, Y-shaped, V-shaped, X-shaped, etc. The pattern groove is formed at one time, which reduces the process, zero gap for splicing, reduces the difficulty of welding, and greatly improves the efficiency of sheet metal processing.

◆Using Primaser self-made large-scale gantry machine tool, the geometric accuracy of the machine tool is within 0.03mm, with high precision and stability;

◆It has function detection, automatic diagnosis, fault isolation, fault analysis and data display system, and rapid troubleshooting can effectively reduce after-sales service Cost;

◆Professional metal plate fiber laser cutting software, with graphics layout and sharp corner smoothing functions, can achieve high-speed drilling and fast cutting functions.

2. Process application It is mainly used for fast cutting of carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, copper and other metal materials.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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