Indonesia customer order sheet metal press brake bending machine and shearing machine

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Today we got a order from Indonesian customers

 about  press brake machine and shearing machine

Customer want to buy our machine , but he did not know us before

So I send some Email to  our customer include as following  :

First, the customer sent us an inquiry in March 2021

We immediately asked the customer’s requirements and made a suitable quotation to the customer

The customer checked our quotation parameters and did not respond

After a week, the customer asked me if I could send pictures and videos for him to check, because he said that this is his first import, and more detailed parameter details and company application are needed to purchase the machine. I sent the parameter details to Customer’s second verification

The customer thinks our price is too high, and says that other suppliers give him lower prices

I tell the customer the difference between the two, and tell him the advantages and disadvantages

Let customers make their own decisions

We promise that we can and must provide high-quality equipment, and the most suitable price, after-sales service, etc. to customers

After a few days, the customer asked me if I could give him a discount, and I asked our boss

A discount of 200USD was given to the customer, and the customer agreed

Tell me the parameters of the machine, all the details need to be marked in the PI

I planned to start purchasing, I immediately sent PI to the customer, and the customer checked it and there was no problem

The deposit was paid the next day

I am glad that customers can purchase PRIMAPRESS machines

Thank you very much for your trust.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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