Indonesia customer order Primapress brand J23 serial 1*40HQ container ,include 16T-25T-40T-63T-100T  

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Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co,.LTD. From Indonesia
J23-16T-25T-40T-63T-100T  mechanical punching machine
202210-01, Mr. Allan an Indonesia customer, has placed the first order in our company

This client sent me an inquiry in 2022-08-03th The client sent me an inquiry from Alibaba and told me he wanted a mechanical punch So I asked the thickness and size of the customer’s product The customer told me that they need a variety of products, and each size is different. So I told the customer to give me the size data of the largest product, and the customer said that they need to ask their engineers.

Three days later, the customer responded to me. After discussions with the engineer, they needed to buy different types of punching. They needed to test our equipment first, so the customer told me to prepare the maximum capacity of a 40HQ container first.

I told customers that our punching bed has the smallest 16T to the largest 200T. Customers choose three or four common machine models, namely 16T-25T-40T-63T,These are the common punch models in the market!

The client said it was okay. I asked the standard parameters of some machines, because the customer needs to make molds on the local area, and I sent it to the customer.Customers tell us that we need to make good quality machines for them, which is their test order If the machine is satisfactory, a large number will continue to purchase from our company in the later period. We agree with customers And provides customers with Two Year Warranty for the main components, 5 years for the whole Primapress is very strong in our industry and we have big confidence on our machine quality. As we have worked with some big distributor from Russia, USA, Thailand, Dubai and so on, so we have a lot of experiences to work together with big distributor like you from Europe. 

JB23 punch press is a suitable open type crank press featuring a left and right open type machine body (i.e. C-shaped machine body). Its steel plate welded body has high shock-absorbing performance. Its novel overall design gives the machine elegant appearance. Its throat has certain depth. The compact structure makes the use convenient and operation safe. The punch press is equipped with a turn-key rigid clutch, a cam band brake and a press-down type safety device. Its working table is open on three sides, so the mold loading and unloading and operation are convenient. The punch press is widely used for it provides good conditions for mechanization and automation. And as main equipment for plate punching production, the punch press can be used for punching holes, blanking, trimming, bending, shallow stretching and forming in national defense, aerospace, automobile, tractor, motor, electrical appliance, bearing, instruments, agricultural machine and tool, bicycle, sewing, mechanical appliance, daily hardware and coinage departments.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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