How to use the fiber cutting machine can greatly reduce the production cost

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Many customers will have doubts after purchasing a metal fiber laser cutting machine. How to use the cutting machine can greatly reduce the production cost. We also understands everyone’s ideas. After all, the economy is right now. Without affecting work efficiency, you can save while saving and make full use of resources. If you want to reduce the cost of using the laser cutting machine, you can refer to the following practices.

First of all, you can meet the cutting requirements, try to choose a low-power cutting machine

We recommends that when purchasing a laser cutting machine, if you can meet the cutting requirements, try to choose a low-power cutting machine. The lower the power, the lower the power consumption.

Switched on and off

Secondly, after purchasing the equipment, in the usual operation process, try to reduce the number of times the equipment is switched on and off, and turn off the power of the equipment in time when it is not applicable. Then we hope that our equipment operators should keep in mind that our engineers are training and guidance matters, and use the equipment in strict accordance with the specifications.

Metal laser cutting machine is a piece of high-tech equipment. If used improperly, it will affect the cutting system of the whole machine, resulting in instability of the quality of the cut workpiece, and seriously affecting the quality of the equipment, which will cause great losses. Then the focusing lens of the cutting machine should be cleaned during use and maintenance. The focusing lens is the only lens that touches the processing surface. During the operation of the laser cutting machine, some metal slag and dust will be generated, which will adhere to the focusing lens. If it is not processed in time, the light transmittance will become lower and the heat absorption will become stronger, which will affect the accuracy of cutting and even cause damage to the lens.

Cleaning the focusing lens in time can reduce unnecessary material waste and the cost of replacing the lens during operation. Moreover, it is necessary to regularly maintain and maintain the equipment. Just like a car, it needs to be sent back to the 4S auto shop for maintenance after a certain mileage. Regular maintenance is for the equipment to provide us with longer-term benefits. Standard use and regular use can naturally effectively reduce the cost of using metal laser cutting machines!


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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