How thick materials can steel plate fiber laser cutting machines cut

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 Steel plate fiber laser cutting uses a high-power density laser beam to irradiate the material to be cut, rapidly heating the material to the evaporation temperature and evaporating to form holes. When the beam of light moves towards the material, the continuous terrain of the hole becomes narrow in width (e.g. approximately 0.1mm). Cut the seams to complete the cutting of the material. The following is a brief explanation of the cutting thickness of different  steel plate fiber laser cutting machines.

1. The current cutting capacity of  steel plate fiber laser cutting machines in the industry:

Carbon steel is 36mm (with good steel plate quality and a speed of up to 650mm/min). If the 36mm steel plate is made of high-quality materials, the machine performance is good, the graphics are not complex, and the cutting quality is still very good. The key is that the speed is not fast, using a plasma cutting machine or flame cutting machine is more reasonable. Stainless steel is 25mm (when high-pressure nitrogen gas is used as an auxiliary gas, the speed is about 400mm/min); However, the usual target for domestic users is  steel plate fiber laser cutting, with low-carbon steel less than 25mm and stainless steel 16mm or lower;

2. Maximum stroke of  steel plate fiber laser cutting machine:

There are currently two types of laser metal cutting machines: one is a desktop, with a general effective cutting range of 1.5 * 3 m2 * 4 m;

Another type is a gantry  steel plate fiber laser cutting machine, which has an effective cutting range. The effective cutting width can be 2-6 meters and the length can be several tens of meters. It has the same structure as flame cutting machines, flame cutting machines, and plasma cutting machines.

3. Speed and accuracy:

If the main cutting plate is less than 6mm, it is recommended to purchase a desktop  steel plate fiber laser cutting machine that is faster and more accurate than the gantry type; If the material to be cut is mostly 3mm or more and the product size is large, it is recommended to purchase a gantry type.


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