Primapress Electric Press Brake Machine: The Best Solution For Your Sheet Metal Bending

With 30+ years of Manufacturing Experience, Primapress plays a leading role in China’s electric press brake manufacturing industry. We are committed to Europe standard engineering design and a quality-oriented attitude, in order to provide you with quality sheet metal bending machines. Having agents in over 30+ countries, we have helped customers from 50+ countries to increase profit margins and expand business.

Primapress ECO Series CNC Press Brake Bending Machine

20T, 30T, 70T Electric Press Brake

Direct Manufacturer, One-Stop Service, To Solve Customers Knife Mold Design, Product, Automation And Other Problems, The Whole Machine Is Guaranteed For 3 Years.

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Full Pure Synchro Electric Press Brake Bending Machine Sheet Plate Folding Machine

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Delem DA53T 4+1 Axis CNC Hybrid Press Brake Bending Machine

All-Electric Transmission Mode

Primapress ECO series is an all-electric transmission mode, and the servo motor drives the screw

Energy Saving

Output according to the actual tonnage, saving energy and electricity

Good Machine Durability

The actual tonnage output makes the machine more durable and does not damage the knife mold.

Faster Speed And Higher Output

It has the fastest processing efficiency among various series of bending machines.

High precision

The repeatability of the fully closed-loop control slider is 0.01mm, and the repeatability of the rear gear is 0.05mm.

Environmental Friendly

Pure electricity does not need oil, environmental protection and cost saving, low noise, suitable for enterprises with high requirements in the processing environment.

Good Compatibility

The software and hardware of the servo motor have good compatibility, the system is stable, and the machine does not stop all day.

All-steel welded structure

Manganese steel material has a good rebound coefficient, and the stress is relieved by vibration demagnetization, tempering and sanding treatment, and the body is stable and durable.

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No Name Item P30T P20T P30T
1 Force T 30 20 70
2 Worktable mm 1250 600 1600
3 Column gap mm 1070 570 1270
4 Throat mm 300 200 300
5 Stroke mm 150 120 150
6 Open height mm 430 420 460
7 Backgauge(optional) mm 500 250 500
8 Stroke Down mm/s 200 200 200
Working mm/s 1-30 1-30 1-30
Return mm/s 200 200 200
9 Servo Power KW 7.5 7.5 7.5
Nos Set 1 1 1
10 Control Model EASY CAT ET15 or DA53T DA66T DA58T EASY CAT ET15 or DA53T DA66T DA58T DA53T DA66T DA58T
Axis 2 2 2
11 Size L mm 750 750 1500
W mm 1000 1000 1300
H mm 2100 2100 2300
12 Weight Kg 2500 1500 5500

Main configuration list

No Name Supplier
1 Servo motor Easycat
2 Linear guides Easycat
3 Ball screw Hiwin Taiwan
4 Electrics Schneider
5 Bearing shaft Luoyang
6 CNC system EASY CAT ET15 or DA53T DA66T DA58T
7 Machine body Primapress

The Whole Structure of the Press Brake

The whole EU streamlined design, heat treatment rack, high rigidity worktable, optional mechanical compensation device, to achieve precision bending.

Hydraulic synchronous control and Estun NC programmable logic controller ensure accurate repeatability and ease use.

Integrated hydraulic system (Bosch Rexroth Germany) allows automatically switch to slow bends in a quick way.

X axis and Y axis realize accurate positioning function by frequency converter through NC E21 system programming control.

Cutting-edge frequency response hydraulic control technology, more stable machine tools, more reliable operation.

The best ratio of parameters, optimal core configuration ensure stable performance, more convenient operation.

WC67K standard single-axis back gauge system and single-axis bending angle system, you can choose to add the V-axis compensation function, and select the appropriate mold to bend complex shape workpieces easily.

More Features and functions

Finite element analysis for high rigidity design

The key mechanical parts of the machine tool use finite element analysis to analyze the deformation and safety factor to ensure the high rigidity requirements of the machine tool as a whole and the reliability of long-term use.


EASY CAT ET15 and DA53T DA66T DA58T CNC system is mainly used in the field of all-electric servo bending machines. It is a high-end CNC system tailored according to market demand. It has powerful functions, rich built-in resources, and features products that are safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The CNC system EASY CAT ET15 and DA53T DA66T DA58T is mainly used in all-electric servo CNC bending machines, especially power saving and green environmental protection. Special power saving: the difference in electricity consumption between the all-electric servo bending machine and the electro-hydraulic servo bending machine is like the difference between the inverter air conditioner and the ordinary air conditioner. Green and environmental protection: no need to use and replace hydraulic oil, which ends the pollution of waste hydraulic oil to the environment.

Spindle power box

The spindle power box can transmit the bending pressure, adopts heavy-duty ball screws and bearings, ultra-long life design, and seal protection design ensures that key components are not affected by external dust. Spindle power box/synchronizing wheel/AC servo motor

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30+ Years of Experience In Sheet Metal Machine

“Build Quality Brand, Do Excellent Machine”, which is also the entrepreneurial spirit of our company.

Prima Group , Best sheet metal fabricating and HVAC Duct machine solutions supplier.

Why Primalaser

Prima adopts Europe 80 years engineering design drawings and quality oriented attitude to build long-using-life and easy-to-operate CNC Machines with best after-sales Services.Prima Technology from Europe .Prima Have ISO & CE Certificates,3 Years Warranty Time.


Prima can do the designing according to customer samples ,photos or drawings, and manufacture the quality and using machines by very experienced and professional team .

Development and Sales

We commit to modern enterprise management methods, with a committed and meticulous management. This is to maintain the quality of our products, and is also the reason the products we deliver to our customers are the best quality.

What Can We Serve For You?

Competitive Price

As a manufacturing factory, we can offer you the best quality machines with an affordable price.

Quality Guarantee

Every product is backed by a 5-year guarantee for any quality issues.

Technical Support

When a breakdown occurs, our technicals are on call for both online & onsite correction.

Short Lead Time

All of the machines ordered by our customer will be delivered within 45 days.

Quality Control

All machines are inspected by our quality control department before being shipped out.

Expert Solutions

We will provide you with professional expert suggestions for your required machine.


Normally 25 days.

– T/T (30% advance payment, and 70% balance paid one week before shipment)
– L/C (100% L/C at sight). This should be negotiated first.

– MOQ: 1 set. We accept OEM.

We guarantee you the quality of our machine (e.g. processing speed and working performance will be the same as the data of the sample machine as well as your requirements). The contract will contain detailed technical data.

We always arrange final testing of operation before shipment. The machine will be tested for a few days, and then use customer’s materials to test its performance. After we confirmed there are no problems with the machine, then the shipments will be arranged.

We provide the machine with a 5-year warranty. Flexible extended warranties can be offered as agreed.

– As our machines are large-scale equipment, they are usually directly loaded into containers and then fixed by steel wires, so that when the freighter is sailing on the sea, the machines will not hit the inside of containers because of the ship’s swing, so as to ensure that the machines are intact. In addition to the machine you ordered, the container will not put any other items.

– For small problems in the process of using the machine, we will arrange mechanical engineers to help you solve them remotely, one-to-one guidance, such as sending text instructions or videos to teach you how to solve the problem. If the parts need to be replaced are within the warranty period, we will send them to you free of charge. Of course, you can also buy them locally (if you can buy them), which can save more time. For more serious problems, if the way of remote guidance is not working, we will arrange engineers to provide on-site service. For regions with agents, we will contact agents directly to provide services.

– Yes, you can arrange relevant personnel to our company for on-site study, and we will arrange a special person for one-to-one guidance. If it is not convenient for you to come to our company, we can provide remote training.

– As for the ocean freight, it is usually charged by the freight forwarder. You can use our freight forwarder to arrange the delivery, or you can use your own freight forwarder.

– Of course. Usually follow the machine delivery also includes a variety of manuals, operating instructions, precautions, circuit diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, etc.

Before you place an order, our salesman will have a detailed and in-depth communication with you, determine every detail of your requirements, and finally provide the corresponding machine configuration according to your specific needs. We never recommend you to buy more expensive machines just to sell them. Expensive ones may not be suitable for you.

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