Egypt customer order Primapress deep drawing Hydraulic Press machine and be agent

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At the beginning, I briefly introduced the company, company profile, and simple greetings with customers, and then entered the topic of deep drawing Hydraulic Press machine.

The customer directly asked about our hydraulic press machine, and discussed about the work surface, cylinder stroke, and column size of the hydraulic press . Regarding the mechanical equipment, we made a brief introduction and sent videos and pictures. Then the customer was very concerned and asked about some of the deep drawing hydraulic press machines. The configuration is mainly because the customer needs to visit the factory. Later, people are arranged to visit the factory, and then the contract is signed.

Mainly the second round: visit the factory to understand the strength of our factory and the confirmation of the production cycle

The third round: mechanical production of deep drawing Hydraulic Press machine is completed, confirm the pressure and configuration of the hydraulic pressing machines.

Do customer maintenance later,We will do a good job of customer maintenance in the later period, and then feel that the customer is very interested in our hydraulic press machines, and placed order in our factory and paid the deposit , and start to let him become our agent in Egypt market.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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