Detailed introduction of sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

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Sheet metal processing accounts for one-third of the world’s metal processing, and its application fields are wide, almost appearing in various industries. If the cutting process for thin sheet metal (with a thickness of less than 6mm) is fine, it includes fiber laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, plate shearing machine, stamping, etc. Among them, sheet metal fiber laser cutting machines have emerged and flourished in recent years. In the field of metal sheet cutting, from ultra-thin plates at the micrometer level to thick plates at tens of millimeters, they can perform perfect and effective cutting. In a sense, sheet metal fiber laser cutting machines have brought a technological revolution to sheet metal processing. Compared to traditional cutting methods, fiber laser cutting is easier to understand and learn, and has great advantages in processing efficiency and speed required by merchants. Therefore, it is believed that in the future selection of cutting methods, sheet metal fiber laser cutting machines will be the trend.

Why is the sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine so powerful?

Let’s first popularize some of the origins and principles related to fiber laser cutting technology. fiber laser technology is one of the four major inventions of the 20th century, along with atomic energy, semiconductors, and computers; The fastest knife&# quo& Ldquo; The most accurate ruler& Ldquo; The brightest light;. However, this technology did not break through the original technological bottleneck until the 21st century, and at the same time, it promoted the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry through the combination of fiber laser technology and advanced equipment. The application of fiber laser technology has now penetrated into various industries such as metal processing, steel, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, medical equipment, and so on.

The fiber laser Cutting Technology of Niu X in Sheet Metal Processing

Using a high-power density fiber laser beam to irradiate the cut material, the material is quickly heated to the vaporization temperature and evaporates to form pores. As the beam moves the material, the pores continuously form narrow (such as about 0.1mm) slits, completing the cutting of the material& Flash; This is fiber laser Cutting. fiber laser cutting has high efficiency, high energy density, and softness, making it the best choice for the sheet metal cutting industry in terms of accuracy, speed, and efficiency. As a precision machining method, fiber laser cutting can cut almost all materials, including two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutting of thin metal plates. fiber laser can be focused into tiny light spots and can be used for micro and precision machining, such as the processing of micro narrow slits and micro holes. In addition, it does not require cutting tools during processing and belongs to non-contact processing without mechanical deformation. Some traditional difficult to cut or low-quality plates can be easily solved after encountering fiber laser cutting, especially in the cutting of some carbon steel plates, fiber laser cutting has an unshakable position.

In recent years, fiber laser cutting technology has gradually become a trend among manufacturers; Compete for beauty&# quo; Due to its wide application, it can be divided into four categories: fiber laser vaporization cutting, fiber laser melting/melting cutting, fiber laser oxygen cutting, and fiber laser slicing and controlled fracture. It is worth mentioning that fiber laser melting/melting cutting can cut all fusible materials.


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