Customized version of automatic bending + automatic punching + automatic shearing machinery

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Bridge industry high-precision processing production line and a complete set of solutions for a single machine: automatic bending + automatic punching + automatic shearing, one set of solutions on top of two forming machines, the accuracy is 0.08-0.2MM

Entering the bridge industry is an accident, and now it is a surprise

Primapress entered the bridge industry 2 years ago, sighed at the scale and quantity of the bridge industry, and felt that the industry was too low-end. The error of 3MM is normal, and the error of 1MM is high. Everyone is concerned about speed and output.

Later, I met an owner of a bridge factory in Chengdu. We stayed together for more than a week, and finally started the research on automatic bending of bridges. At the same time, we grafted the previous experience of automatic shearing machine cutting and automatic punching. We came up with A set of fully automatic production solutions for the bridge industry and an efficient and simple stand-alone machine (automatic bending CNC bending machine) have been developed. After being used by more than a dozen large bridge factories in China, the effect is very satisfactory. We hope our solutions and technologies can bring some changes to the bridge industry.

(1) Accuracy comparison:

Bridge automatic production line: 0.1-0.5mm

Automatic bending type bridge bending machine: 0.08-0.3 mm

Bridge frame forming machine: 1-3mm

Ordinary bending machine: 0.5-1 mm

(2) Speed ​​comparison: Calculated based on working 8 hours a day and folding a bridge with a length of 2 meters

Bridge automatic production line: 3000-5000 meters

Automatic bending bridge bending machine: 2000-2500 meters

Bridge frame forming machine: 3000 meters

Ordinary bending machine: 1000-1500 meters

(3) Comparison of returns and returns:

Bridge automatic production line: high, the price is 30-1 million

Automatic bending bridge bending machine: up to 80,000-200,000

Bridge frame forming machine: low 300,000-700,000

Ordinary bending machine: minimum 50,000-150,000

Automatic bending type bridge bending machine solution—stand-alone solution, also can cooperate with robot to dry bridge

Video of automatic bending + automatic punching solution in the bridge industry, and can also be added with automatic shearing behind

Bridge industry automatic shearing + automatic feeding + automatic stacking solution, support linkage to support single use

Here are some of our Primapress thoughts on bending in the filing cabinet industry:

(1) For the recommendation of stand-alone bending, we have specially developed a dual-drive front and rear gauge servo CNC bending machine for the file cabinet industry. It is very suitable for workpieces with high continuous positioning accuracy, and it is suitable for some complex workpieces when used in conjunction with front-block and back-block bending. At the same time, this press brake is very fast, with pressure tonnage control, and 0.3-second pressurization.

Double-drive front and rear gauge servo CNC bending machine

(2) The flexible bending center is suitable for small batch and multi-variety processing. For workpieces with small height and thickness not exceeding 1.2MM, the processing efficiency is very high.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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