CNC plasma cutting machine

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More and more CNC plasma cutting machine companies have sprung up like mushrooms, CNC plasma cutting machines, which are widely used in various processing and manufacturing industries, such as sheet metal processing and machinery manufacturing. Primapress is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of bending machines, shears, plasma cutting machines and laser cutting machines for more than 10 years. We have a complete and scientific quality management system and provides a complete after-sales service system, so which has been recognized by many customers.

Due to the plasma cutting machine that has appeared in the market, today we will talk about this machine and let us have a deeper understanding of the plasma cutting machine.

On the morning of July 8, 2022, I am pleased to receive an inquiry from Peru.After hearing around an inch and a half thickness steel wanted to be cut,I recommended the gantry plasma cutting machine,because the gantry cutting machine adopts heavy duty frame and heavy duty rails, for his needs 8m gauge is suitable.At the same time,the gantry cutting machine equips the Cutting torch station numbers 2 sets(With anti-collision system).The dual incision form 2 work pieces at a time.When I fully understand the ideas and needs of customers,I sent him our most professional quotation also arrived in his mailbox timely.

Our plasma cutting machine standard Taiwan Hiwin linear guide and double-sided motor drive system, USA Hypertherm Powermax, Japan Panasonic servo motor and Schneider Electric, can cut the most ideal workpiece with high speed and high precision.I have been following up with this client for a while, but the client has not responded.It wasn’t until one day when he suddenly asked me if I could reach the port of Matarani, I saw a ray of light again.I quickly checked the port and gave a positive reply, because the client told me he had a better offer, only the port issue.In addition,I also applied for a discount to the boss, re-arranging the offer to the client.

In the following days, I confirmed other details with the customer, like the torch, nozzle and other consumable parts, which is a hidden cost.Finally, the customer added some parts to ensure the long-term operation of the machine.

In this transaction, it’s important for us to identify and solve customer problems in a timely manner.Thinking from the customer’s point of view, and the order transaction rate will be increased.Carrying out the principle of customer orientation, we will go further and further…


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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