Classification of hydraulic presses machine and details of four-column hydraulic presses machine

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For the hydraulic press, our friends who have used it will certainly not be unfamiliar. I believe that many friends can use hydraulic presses machine proficiently, but do not know how to explain hydraulic presses machine. So what is a hydraulic press?

1. As the name implies, a hydraulic press is a kind of hydraulic press that uses special hydraulic oil as the working medium, uses the hydraulic pump as the power source, and circulates the hydraulic oil in the oil tank through the one-way valve to make the cylinder/piston cycle work to complete a certain mechanical action as a part of productivity. kind of machine.

2. Various stamping processes such as stretching, punching, bending, flanging, cold-extrusion metal forming, transverse pressing, bending pressing, turning through, and correction of metal materials by hydraulic presses machine are used in addition to forging and forming. It is suitable for calibrating, pressing, pressing of powder products and abrasive products, and pressing of plastic products, insulating products and other plastic materials. It is used for straightening, pressing, packaging, pressing and pressing. Such as powder product molding, plastic product molding and so on. hydraulic presses machine include hydraulic presses machine and hydraulic presses machine.

3. The water-based liquid as the working medium is called a hydraulic press, and the oil as the working medium is called a hydraulic press. The specifications of hydraulic presses machine are generally expressed in terms of nominal working force (kN) or nominal tonnage (tons). Forging hydraulic presses machine are mostly hydraulic presses machine with high tonnage. In order to reduce the size of the equipment, large forging hydraulic presses machine often use higher pressures (about 35 MPa), and sometimes ultra-high pressures above 100 MPa are also used. hydraulic presses machine for other purposes generally use a working pressure of 6 to 25 MPa. The tonnage of the hydraulic press is lower than that of the hydraulic press.

4. Hydraulic frame hydraulic presses machine are mainly divided into: four-column hydraulic press, single-column (C type) hydraulic press, horizontal hydraulic press, vertical frame hydraulic press, gantry hydraulic press, etc.

How much do you know about four-column hydraulic press?

We are all familiar with the name four-column hydraulic press. But how much do you know about hydraulic presses machine?

Four-column hydraulic press is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses the static pressure of hydraulic oil delivered by oil pump to process metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder and other products. It is commonly used in pressing process and press forming process, such as: forging, stamping, cold extrusion, straightening, bending, flanging, sheet drawing, powder metallurgy, pressing and so on. Its principle is to use Pascal’s law to make use of liquid pressure transmission machinery, there are many types. Of course, the use is also varied according to needs. For example, according to the type of liquid that transmits pressure, there are two types of hydraulic presses machine and hydraulic presses machine.

How is the four-column hydraulic press maintained?

Great attention should be paid to the storage and transfer of working oil. Oil drums should be marked with special signs and covered up. In winter, be careful not to mix the oil into the oil due to the condensation of air into water in the barrel, and do not drop the rusted rust of the barrel skin into the barrel. A number of preventive measures taken for the engine and other mechanical systems in winter, such as covering up to prevent freezing, heating and keeping warm, and changing to low-viscosity working oil, are all applicable to the hydraulic system. 

In winter and worse working conditions, the four-column hydraulic press system should be inspected and maintained frequently, and the working oil should be changed frequently. 

Common faults and maintenance methods of four-column hydraulic press hydraulic press: often in the hydraulic transmission system, there are some relatively precise parts. Although people feel that the hydraulic transmission of machinery is labor-saving and convenient, at the same time, they feel that it is easy to be damaged. The main reason is that it is not very clear about its working principle and structural characteristics, and thus does not know much about its preventive maintenance methods. There are 3 basic “pathogenic” factors in the hydraulic system: pollution, overheating and entering air. These three unfavorable factors are closely related, and any one of them will cause another one or more problems.

It has been proved by practice that 75% of the “pathogenic” causes of hydraulic systems are caused by these three:

1. The working oil deteriorates due to entering dirt

2. Overheating

3. Solution for entering air: The cleaning and assembly of some major precision parts in the system should be carried out in a very clean room, with a clean floor and closed doors and windows, and the temperature should preferably be kept around 200C.


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