Classification and explanation of the advantages of CNC plate metal shearing machine

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First of all, what are the classifications of hydraulic plate metal shearing machine?

According to the shape of the scissors, the hydraulic shearing machine is divided into a straight knife shearing machine and a disc knife shearing machine. Straight knife plate metal shearing machine are divided into gantry plate metal shearing machine and throat plate metal shearing machine according to their structure. Disc plate metal shearing machine are divided into disc plate metal shearing machine, rolling plate metal shearing machine, multi-disc plate metal shearing machine and rotary trimming plate metal shearing machine according to their structure.

According to the movement trajectory of the tool holder, the shearing machine is divided into the following types according to the movement trajectory of the tool holder:

(1) The tool holder moves along the vertical line. Since there is no rake angle, the section of the upper blade must be processed into a rhombus, so there are only two edges (four-edged rectangular blades are also available, but the cutting quality is poor). The sheared fracture of the frame is not at right angles to the board surface.

(2) The tool holder moves along the forward line (the angle with the vertical line is 1°30’~2°), the upper blade section can be processed into a rectangle with four blades, and the sheared fracture is basically formed with the plate surface. Right angle.

(3) The tool rest swings along the arc line. The cross section of the shearing blade should be processed into a diamond shape, so there are only two blades. Since the upper blade is slightly inclined forward during the shearing process, the cutting quality and the tool rest are inclined forward along the line movement is similar.

(4) The tool holder swings along the arc line, and the rake angle can reach 300, so the welding groove can be cut out

According to the transmission mode, the shearing machine is divided into: mechanical transmission shearing machine and hydraulic transmission shearing trigger

Hydraulic plate metal shearing machine are mostly driven by two hydraulic cylinders, so some technical measures need to be taken to synchronize the two hydraulic cylinders. The single-cylinder connecting rod structure is adopted, which is the main force-bearing member that transmits the working force of the hydraulic cylinder to the front and rear triangle plates. Since there is an eccentric moment e between the action line of the hydraulic cylinder and its axis, it is The load it bears is mainly the load of eccentric tension. Therefore, its main stress section is designed as an I-shaped structure, and the synchronization problem is naturally solved.

Classification of CNC plate metal shearing machine and explanation of the advantages of CNC

The CNC plate metal shearing machine are divided into CNC hydraulic gate plate metal shearing machine and CNC hydraulic pendulum plate metal shearing machine, hydraulic transmission, pendulum tool rest, the overall welding of the frame is firm and durable, and the use of accumulator cylinders returns smoothly and quickly. It has the function of stepless adjustment of the stroke. The upper knife has two blades and the lower knife has four blades. The gap between the upper and lower blades can be adjusted with a handle, and the uniformity of the blade gap can be easily adjusted; the protective grid and electrical interlocking ensure safe operation; the machine tool The pressure plate adopts independent hydraulic pressure tools, and the end of each pressure tool has plastic feet.

The performance characteristics of CNC shearing machine:

1. The size and shear of the back gauge: there is a digital display device for the number of cuts.

2. Hydraulic transmission system, safe and reliable operation and beautiful appearance.

3. Equipped with a fast and flexible gap adjustment mechanism with high shearing precision.

4. Equipped with a light alignment device, which is convenient for marking and cutting.

The CNC shearing machine mainly has the following CNC advantages:

1. The frame and the upper tool rest adopt an integral steel plate welded structure, which has good rigidity. After the overall tempering to eliminate the stress, and then the overall finishing, the accuracy is good. Two main and auxiliary oil cylinders are fixed on the support plate connected with the left and right uprights and the outer pressure plate. The worktable is equipped with supporting feet and rolling balls, which is easy to operate. Backgauge control: ordinary shearing machine ordinary motor control, manual fine-tuning in place. The CNC shearing machine can be precisely controlled in place by the servo motor.

2. Shearing plate gap adjustment: The movement of the upper tool rest adopts three-point rolling guide rails to support between the left and right columns and the outer pressure plate, which has good rigidity. The shearing is completed by reciprocating motion driven by large and small oil cylinders. The precision retention is good, the cutting quality is improved, and the upper tool rest adopts an inwardly inclined structure to facilitate blanking and improve the precision of the workpiece. Ordinary shearing machine adjusts the gap by manually pulling the fan teeth, and CNC shearing machine can be controlled by gear motor + encoder, and the optimal gap can be automatically adjusted by inputting the thickness of the plate.

3. The feeding part is guided by high-precision and high-efficiency rolling linear guide rails, the plate is clamped by fast and effective pneumatic clamping, and the verticality electric signal is positioned. After one clamping, the whole plate can be automatically fed according to the settings and procedures for multiple work Step-by-step shearing achieves the purpose of improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity. The machine can also perform single-feed shearing.


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