chat with Russian customer about W24S-200 profile bending machine

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First, The Russian customer inquired for the machine model matching according to the drawings they provided.

At the initial inquiry, the customer provided six drawings of profile bending and a document about the requirements of the profile and the machine, the content of which is as follows:

1. Bending of shaft support elements from – SVP-22; SVP-27; SVPU-22 b.

2. Arrangement of shafts – horizontal (two shafts at the bottom, one at the top).

3. The drive is electro mechanical.

4. Landing diameter of shafts – 180 mm.

5. Bending speed is not less than 15m / min.

6. Power – 35 kW.

7. Height from floor to spec. profile – no more than 950 mm.

8. The minimum bending radius R is 2120 mm.

9. Possibility of bending radius adjustment (stationary state).

10. Possibility of rental with a straight section.   Warranty requirements :Minimum 3 years

And Ask us how to choose the machine model and mold configuration. After receiving the inquiry request, we will feed back the relevant information to the technical department and confirm the bending accuracy requirements. After the technical department checks the relevant information, it is recommended to select W24S-200 profile bending machine supporting three sets of molds.

Second: Accurate quotation and prepare detailed offer

After confirming that the model of the machine is W24S-200 hydraulic profile bending machine, we sent the detailed quotation to the customer in time. The customer required the overall style of the machine to be vertical and raised the following questions:

1. According to the initial data:

1) Can they make a shape for each profile (SVP-22, SVP-27, SVPU-22 b)

2) What are the parameters of the machine, by analogy with those noted in the TDS

2. According to the characteristics of the machine:

1) The diameter of the wheel is the diameter of the shaft?

2) Is this the center?

After summarizing the customer’s questions, we solved them with the technicians in detail:

1)The three sets of roller molds will be designed according to the three drawings to accurately match each requirement mentioned in the drawings.
2)The machine parameters of the horizontal profile bending machine are given in the quotation, and the vertical overall machine size will be slightly changed.
3)The center of the roller is the center of the shaft.

Finally: sign PI and approve the color, voltage and other information of the machine

The customer received the answer and the video of the relevant machine, and finally agreed to sign a PI with us. In order to ensure the accuracy of the work order, we have approved the color and voltage of the machine, and provide the best guarantee for the customer with the best service.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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