Canada customer order Primapress sheet metal press brake mold press brake bending tooling

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On the morning of December 12th, I received a TM on Alibaba, and the other party sent me a list of press brake bending tooling molds and asked me to give him a quote. Then I greeted him, introduced our company, and asked him if he had any other contact information for me, but he did not give me and asked to only chat on Alibaba.

I looked at his mold list, there are mold sections on it, I asked him the specific mold section size, and sent him the size of our standard section mold. The customer quickly replied to me and told me to segment according to our size. After confirming the information of press brake bending tooling, I contacted the mold factory and asked them to quote me according to the customer’s requirements. After I sorted the price, I sent the quotation to the customer for confirmation. The customer did not discuss the price with me, but asked me our delivery time and how much the shipping cost to their country is. I asked the freight forwarding price, and I told the customer the shipping cost, but the customer did not reply me.

A few days later, I suddenly received a message from the customer asking me what the material of our die is and what kind of hardening? I said we use 42CRMO for press brake bending tooling and we will vacuum heat the mold. Aslo sent a lot of our mold photos and videos of mold forging and heat treatment to the customer.

A few days later, the customer said that he will place an order, but wanted to divide the mold into two parts, one part by air and the other by sea. I calculated the price and sent it to the customer. The customer finally decided that all the molds would be shipped by sea and asked me to update the quotation to him.

After that, I asked the customer for the company name, address, contact person and phone number, and made a proforma invoice to him, and drafted a credit guarantee order to the customer on Alibaba. Since it was early in the morning, after completing these operations, I went to bed. Fortunately, the next morning, I received a notice that the customer had paid the deposit for the press brake bending tooling .

I prepared a mold work order and contacted the mold factory to start production for the press brake bending tooling . and we will make high quality for the customers.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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