Brand and price analysis of purchasing sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine

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In fact, at least so far, there is no professional and authoritative answer about the ranking of bending machine manufacturers, which means that the content of “the top ten sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine manufacturers” in the bending machine industry is not true. , is not authoritative, so we can’t mislead you here, we can only explain the situation to you, then there is no data on the top ten bending machine manufacturers, how do we go to purchase bending machines?

1. The sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine manufacturers are in regular operation and have a large scale

When we choose sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine manufacturers, we only need to look at whether the manufacturer is in regular operation and the size of the scale. There are many domestic bending machine manufacturers, and most of them have about 200-500 people. It is enough to inspect according to this standard. .

2. sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine manufacturers have high customer satisfaction and good reputation

sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machines are large-scale production equipment. Basically, powerful manufacturers on Alibaba, Baidu and other platforms will open stores or official websites of enterprises, and each manufacturer basically has buyers, and naturally they will also Scores on the platform, comprehensive satisfaction, good evaluation of manufacturers to choose to buy basically will not cause major problems.

3. After-sales service of sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine manufacturers is perfect

There will inevitably be some problems during the use of sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machines, some may be due to aging of the machine, inadequate maintenance, and some may be due to the inadequate operation of technicians, no matter what type of problem or failure is basically required. Manufacturer’s professional technical consultant to help solve. Therefore, business owners must consider whether the after-sales service of the manufacturer is perfect when purchasing a sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine. The better the after-sales service, the more reliable the sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine manufacturer will be.

sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine is an important production equipment and an important production cost. What brand of sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine is better? Naturally, the brand with high quality and low price is better. When buying a sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine, the bending machine of the same type and material is good after a comprehensive comparison, because it can reduce the procurement, The production cost does not affect the production activities of the enterprise.

sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine is a kind of forging machinery, and its main function is the metal processing industry. The products are widely used in: light industry, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, instrumentation, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structure construction and decoration industries. Equipped with a variety of different molds, the sheet can be bent, stretched, rounded, punched, etc.

What are the characteristics of a good sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine brand: high bending accuracy, perfect after-sales, mold, manufacturing machine requirements (can be customized according to needs).

The sheet metal processing and bending process is a process of processing sheet metal into three-dimensional using pressure equipment and special molds. Due to the difference in the material, thickness, length and width of the sheet, as well as the shape and angle of the forming, the tonnage and size of the press brake machine are also different, and the height, shape, and V amplitude of the upper and lower dies are also different. The mold shapes are also different.

The bending process can be divided into three categories: local bending, closed bending and embossing bending. Local bending: The method of right bending and obtuse angle bending is to select the upper die below 88 degrees and the lower die with V=12t (slot width V, material thickness T). Closed Bend: Use right-angle and obtuse-angle 90-degree bends. V=6~12t is selected for the near-bend lower die. Bending: 90-degree upper die is used for right-angle bending. (standard right angle bend). V=5~6t is selected for the lower die for bending.

One end of the bending machine is not allowed to bend, so that the angle is not good and the machine will be damaged. It is not allowed to cut off the power supply for a short time. Turn off the oil pump normally. This saves electricity costs, avoids reprocessing the production site while working, saves time and increases crop production efficiency. To finish the product or stop the work, first put the lower die in the lowest position, then turn off the oil pump, then turn off the power. If the batch is complete, the mold needs to be removed, put back on the mold rack, and returned to the operator panel.

Bending machine price-choose to buy consideration

The price of the bending machine is the first thing we consider when choosing to buy. Personally, I suggest that when you buy a bending machine, don’t ask the price first, first look at your budget and the functional requirements to be achieved with the bending machine, and then consult and compare prices online based on these.

There are many types of bending machines, among which the price of sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machines is relatively higher than that of ordinary bending machines. What’s more, sheet metal plate cnc press brake bending machine is divided into servo bending machine, electro-hydraulic bending machine and so on. So the prices are also different.

The bending machine should be flexible. The wider the range and variety of parts, the more requirements the machine has to meet in terms of flexibility. The operation in both software and hardware is very simple, and the adjustment time can be shortened as much as possible even when the order is frequently changed and rarely repeated.

It involves the accuracy of the bending machine system when it is working. Errors in the corners are unavoidable in physics, so what matters is how much deviation the user can accept. Simple parts are sometimes acceptable with slightly lower accuracy, but most parts tend to require high accuracy, especially In the case where it is necessary to continue processing after bending.

Need to determine the production capacity and size of the machinery. Starting from the size range of the part, the pressure, bending length, stroke and structural height are measured.

1. Put forward your own technical requirements, and then let the manufacturer make a design plan to check the design ability and technical ability of the other party.

2. Conduct on-the-spot inspections of the manufacturers, comprehensively understand the production and processing capabilities of the manufacturers, and whether they can carry out complete machine processing. Inspection of the production process and quality supervision during the production process.

3. Understand the service ability of the manufacturer, whether there is a special after-sales service department, the working ability of the service department, and the service items of the manufacturer.

4. Make quotations and select manufacturers with high cost performance to cooperate.


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