American customer Mr.Joseph purchased PRIMAPRESS  63T2500mm CNC Press Brake Machine

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In May 2022, I received an email from our sales manager, The general content of the email is an American customer who needs to buy a press brake bending machine, and his email and WhatsApp. Then I wrote an email to the customer and asked the customer whether need NC or CNC, the max thickness and length he will bend, also I added the customer’s WhatsApp to say hello to him.

Soon, I received a reply from the customer, he told me that his name is Joseph, He recently intended to buy some machines in China, about two containers. One of them still has space, he needs to buy a press brake bending machine. He told me his requrimemt: he needs 63T/2500mm CNC press brake bending machine.

According to Mr. Joseph’s request, I recommend his two control systems: CYBELEC CybTouch 8 of Switzerland and DELEM DA53T of the Netherlands, I explained the difference between the two systems and sent the introductions of the two systems to him for reference. 

Early the next morning, I received his message, and he told me that he chose DELEM DA53T and asked me to quote him. Then I made a detailed quotation for him, including specification information, technical parameters and latest pictures. but I did not receive the reply from him.

I think Mr. Joseph should be busy, so after a few days, I sent him messages on WhatsApp, but the same, I did not get a reply. I guess he should not use WhatsApp very much, so I was emailing him,unfortunately, I still did not receive his reply. But I didn’t give up, since then, I sent him some of our new machines photos and videos from time to time.

With my unremitting efforts, one day two months later, I received a reply from Joseph. He explained to me why he did not contact me. He said that he had solved the problem of funds during this time, and now everything is ready. But because our offer was valid, I updated the quotation to him and gave him a discount. Mr.Joseph was very happy and asked me to make an invoice to him. He will arrange a deposit in a few days.

I confirmed some details with him: the voltage he needed, the appearance and the color of the machine he want, also asked his company name, address and contact number, and then made a detailed commercial invoice to him. After about two or three days, I received the deposit of Mr. Joseph, and then I prepared the work order to arrange the production machine for the factory.

Through this customer, let me understand that while we are constantly improving our professional knowledge and after -sales service, we also need to be unremitting spirit, in the face of various customers, Not every customer can buy machines quickly. Some customers just inquire or just want to know more about the machines, but we need to treat them equally to show them the most professional answers and the best serve. I believe, good quality, professional answers, the best service will win more and more for our Primapress.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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