Africa customer order primapress metal Wheelbarrow making hydraulic press machine line

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The wheelbarrow is commonly called trolley. Prior to the popularization of modern transportation, it was a light transport and manned vehicle. The wheelbarrow is a small vehicle propelled by manpower. It conforms to ergonomics and can withstand rugged roads.

The wheelbarrow uses the lever principle to move the resistance point of the load close to the fulcrum (that is, the wheel) to make it operate efficiently, and also to share the load on the wheelbarrow and the operator. Because the wheelbarrow makes it easy to move heavy or large loads, it is indispensable in construction sites, farmland, and gardens. Although the two-wheeled trolley is more stable on flat ground, the wheelbarrow has higher maneuverability in places that are easy to lose balance, such as small, paved or upturned roads, and is easier to control when unloading.

So in fact, many customers need it. A customer from Ghana is very interested in our machines, and came to our factory to visit our machines, and signed a contract on the same day. The customer’s plan is to open a factory to produce wheelbarrows. So after seeing our machine, he was very satisfied and paid 30% of the wheelbarrow deposit the next day.

The wheelbarrow is divided into 3 parts, the wheelbarrow bucket, the wheelbarrow handle, the wheel wheel,,We help customers design a wheelbarrow production line according to the production plan and funds proposed by the customer.The wheelbarrow production line is generally composed of shears, hydraulic presses, pipe benders, punch presses, and customized molds 

After the machine is completed, we first send photos and videos of the hydraulic press, pipe bender, shearing machine, mold and other machines to the customer for confirmation. After the customer is satisfied, we will help him deliver the goods. The cooperation process is very smooth and pleasant.

We are very experienced in the production of wheelbarrows, and customers said that they will continue to choose us to purchase some other machines in the future and look forward to long-term cooperation.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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