Advantages of intelligent flexible bending center compared to traditional press brake bending machine

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Sheet metal machine tools are the basic production equipment in the sheet metal processing industry and occupy an important position in the field of metal product forming.

The domestic metal cutting machine tools in the upper process of sheet metal processing have been basically automated. However, most of the bending equipment in the sheet metal field is still traditional equipment, with a low degree of automation, low production efficiency, and high technical requirements for practitioners. According to statistics, there are more than 500,000 sets of machine tool equipment in the sheet metal industry in the global market, with a market size of more than 100 billion, with a total annual demand of more than 100,000 sets, of which the annual demand for flexible bending centers is more than 20,000 sets. Compared with traditional press brake bending machines, the main advantages of Hao intelligent flexible bending center are as follows:

1. Speed

During the bending process of the intelligent flexible bending center, the complete automation can reach 0.2 seconds/knife at the fastest speed, which greatly reduces the cycle time of multilateral and multi-pass bending, which is more than 3 times the speed of traditional CNC press brake bending machines. For complex workpieces, the greater the speed advantage. The traditional CNC press brake bending machine requires skilled workers to hold the workpiece for positioning and bending, and each folding edge needs to be repositioned, which is inefficient.

2. Artificial

The intelligent flexible bending center has low technical requirements for workers. Ordinary workers can be employed after training without hiring experienced skilled workers. At the same time, the bending process is fully automated, which greatly saves labor and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Traditional CNC press brake bending machines often require multiple people to complete large workpieces, but the intelligent flexible bending center only needs workers to place the workpiece on the workbench, and the equipment automatically completes the positioning, which is a real time-saving and labor-saving.

3. Security

The intelligent flexible bending center does not need to manually hold the workpiece, and the bending process is completely automated, which greatly reduces the safety hazards caused by workers’ misoperation.

4. Ease of use

The intelligent flexible bending center adopts graphic visualization programming. The worker only needs to input the bending data according to the workpiece, and the system automatically generates the bending instruction without using code programming, which can be mastered by ordinary workers in 2 hours.

Traditional CNC bending centers require workers to master complex programming skills, and memorize the bending sequence of each folded edge during the bending process, which is difficult and has a high error rate.

5. Consistency

The intelligent flexible bending center can realize the automatic positioning of the plate, the system positioning accuracy can reach 0.001mm, the product consistency after forming is higher, and it is more suitable for mass production.

The precision positioning of the traditional CNC bending center is not high, and there will be dimensional errors caused by multiple positioning.

6. Automation

Primapress brand flexible bending center has reserved a wealth of interfaces to facilitate the connection between upstream and downstream production lines. It can be docked with the robotic arm to realize automatic integrated loading and unloading.

Equipped with Lanhao self-propelled manipulator, it has the same control system as Primapress brand flexible bending center, which has higher synergy and efficiency; there is no need to maintain two sets of programs to replace workpieces, just change the bending center program, and automatically generate the manipulator program, which is more flexible. high.

7. System upgrade

Primapress brand flexible bending center is completely independent research and development, has a number of core technology patents, free upgrades for life, the system is based on the industry 4.0 architecture, and a wealth of interfaces are reserved.

8. Mould

The flexible bending center of the Primapress brand adopts a universal bending die, and realizes bending of various shapes through multi-axis concurrent linkage full servo control.

Traditional CNC press brake bending machines require one bending and one mold, and a special mold is customized for each shape, which is more expensive.


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