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Press brake are generally divided into hydraulic NC bending machines and  CNC press brake. Now, with the upgrading of economy and technology, more and more customers need electro-hydraulic bending machines, which is our company. Said CNC bending machine.

When we generally introduce to customers, we first confirm how much pressure the bending machine used by the customer needs to be used. The first thing to confirm here is that when the customer is processing the sheet, the first is the maximum length of the processed sheet, and at the same time confirm the customer. For the thickness and material of the largest plate to be processed, according to the needs of the customer, we calculate the most suitable pressure for the customer, so as to confirm the model of the machine, which is very important.

Now more and more fields need to use the bending machine, some large engineering equipment, some small precision parts need to be processed by the bending machine, and according to different products, the degree of precision required It is also different, so when recommending to customers, it is best to understand what type of products the customer processes, so that the recommended products can be more acceptable to customers, which can also deepen customers’ understanding of our bending machine field. In this way, it is more acceptable for customers to choose to use the bending machine field.

Our prima company has been innovating new technologies for more than 30 years since the production of press brakes, and then constantly challenged new and better configurations to optimize the functions of our press brakes, starting from our first generation of bending machines. Bending machine up to now, the double-pump-controlled hydraulic machine we have made can not only save electricity for customers, but also increase work efficiency for customers and improve the accuracy of products. We have always insisted on doing the best. Products on the road above efforts.

In fact, some customers can’t understand, if you don’t have high requirements on the product’s precision and the product’s bending effect, is it difficult for a general hydraulic bending machine, the so-called button-shaft bending machine in our industry, to do it, but There are some customers who need to process some precise small parts, then we need our electro-hydraulic bending machine, and at the same time equipped with good systems, such as: delem’s system, ESA’s system, these are all good systems, we are on the system Directly edit the bending steps we need, and can realize 2D, 3D offline programming. Therefore, many customers will still choose a good system. This depends on customer needs and usage.

In addition, I would like to remind customers that no matter what type of bending machine you buy, safety is also the first, we’d better be equipped with photoelectric protection or laser protection, so as to protect us during processing and production The hands of the staff will not be hurt, because the so-called laser protection means that when the operator’s hand touches the mold operating table, a warning will be issued here, thus warning the operator to be careful, so I think it is necessary to have it. necessary.

Finally, I hope that we can upgrade more and better technologies in the near future, so that more customers can know our primapress brand and have our place in the field of bending machines.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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