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Laser cutting machine is a technological revolution in sheet metal processing. Now more and more laser cutting machines are used in various productions. Because of the fast cutting speed and high cutting efficiency of laser cutting machines, more and more sheet metal cutting machines have been obtained. In the metal processing market, the laser cutting machine has no cutting force, and the process of processing the product will not cause deformation, and at the same time can greatly adapt to the material, whether it is our simple or complex process products, the laser cutting machine can be used at one time. Cutting, without any burrs, saves time and effort, and the operation is very simple, only one worker is needed, and the operation is very simple. Therefore, this technology has a long service life and is an indispensable mechanical equipment in the future market.

Laser cutting machines also have many uses in the future application fields. Laser cutting machines can be used in sheet metal equipment, metallurgical equipment, as well as in some of the electrical equipment we use, as well as kitchen equipment, display equipment and some small precision parts. There are laser cutting machines, because he uses a wide range of sheets, which can cut a series of metal sheets such as galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, carbon steel, stainless steel and copper.

There are also many types of our laser cutting machines. According to the thickness of different plates and the length and material of different plates required by customers, we can recommend customers to use laser cutting machines with different powers.

Generally, normal customers will choose single-plane cutting for cutting some flat products, as well as some large plates. Customers will choose the cutting of exchange table, which greatly speeds up the production and cutting speed and reduces labor waste.

At the same time, our laser cutting machine can also be used in the field of cutting pipes, and angle steel can also be used. For example, many customers need to cut square pipes and round pipes, and also need to cut flat plates. We can recommend him to use two-in-one. For the laser cutting machine, one machine has two uses, which can greatly save the cost of mechanical equipment, and at the same time can meet the needs of customers and meet the needs of customers. This is the ultimate requirement, because the laser cutting machines we produce are ultimately suitable for customers’ own products.

Our prima company has been engaged in laser production ten years ago. In the future and future production and technological innovation, we will increase investment to make more and more customers fall in love with our laser cutting machine, so that we can more and more The better the service to customers, let customers trust us more


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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