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We offer full range of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

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Laser Power: 100w, 500w

                  1kw, 1.5kw, 2kw, 4kw, 6kw, 8kw…

Cutting Thickness: 3 mm – 25 mm

Materials to cut: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Brass, Aluminum…

For other parameters, please tell us your requirement.

Featured Products

Open-Type Double-Drive Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Model: HL-FIBER-3015A

  • Laser Power: 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 3000w, 4000w
  • Working Area: 3000x1500mm, 6000x1500mm, 4000x2000mm, 6000x2000mm
  • Rack and Pinion: German ROR
  • Guide rail:Taiwan, HIWIN, Servo motor Japan, Fuji

Exchange Worktable Fiber Laser Cutting

Model: HL-FIBER-3015B

  • Laser Power: 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 3000w, 4000w
  • Working Area: 3000x1500mm, 6000x1500mm,4000x2000mm,6000x2000mm 
  • ROR rack and pinion from German with more stable function.
  • ROR rack and pinion from German with more stable function.

3 in 1 Tube Plate Integrated CNC Fiber Laser Cutting

Model: HL-FIBER-3015

  • Working Area: 3000x1500mm, 6000x1500mm, 4000x2000mm, 6000x2000mm
  • Laser Power: 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 3000w, 4000w…
  • Automatic exchange of working platforms within 15 seconds, effectively improving cutting efficiency.
  • Big enclosure design, EU CE standard protective glass, leading internationally.

Open Plate and Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine

Model: HL-FIBER-3015

  • Electrical parts are from famous brand Schneider.
  • Precision welding with Co2 protection, to ensure the table frame without deformation for 20 years.
  • 0.5mm-25mm carbon steel sheets and pipes, 0.5mm-10mm stainless steel sheets and pipes, galvanized steel sheets and pipes, electrolyticzinc-coated steel sheets and pipes…

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High Strength Machine bed

High-strength machine tool,adopting 600℃ high temperatureannealing treatment with integrated machine rigidity.
The overall mechanical structure has small deformation and lowvibration. ensuring cutting accutacy.

Control System : FSCUT2000S

FSCUT2000S control system enables intelligent diagnosis, multi-threading operation, three-stage perforations, functional laser conyrolling, self-adaptive edge-finding, automatic corner deceleration, flight cutting, table switching, mechanical accuracy compensation, etc

Fibre Laser Cutting Source: Raycus/PG/MAX/FEIBO

Fiber lasers haveawide dynamic operating power range and the beam's focus and postion remain constant, even when the laser power is changed lowing consistent processing results every time, perfect for most cutting applications

Servo Motors And Drivers

The servo motors enjoy fast dynamic response and perfor-mances stably.
It has high inertia and large torque, outputwith strong power.

Industrial Water Chiller Cooling System

Water cooling system.the temperature of the refrigeration unit in digital chart shows, while water temperature morethan a specified temperature, it will automatically refrigera-tion: while water temperature below a specified temperature it will automatically stop

Auto-focus Laser Head: Raytools/Wsx

Laser head with anti-crash function.
good sealed.
high pressureresistant auto-tracking system, anti-crash and stop system canprotect good cutting quality and longer the life of lens.

High Precision Reducer

Excellent Performances.
high torsional stiffness, low noise,low backlash.
Satellite gears are double-supported on hardened andground shafts with full-complement needle bearingsincreasing torsional stiffness

Other Quality Components

CypOut Software, Leapfrog Function, Laser Nozzle & Lens, Automatic Lubrication, Proportional Valve - Japan SMC, Electric Components- France Schneider, Racke & Pinion System -- YYC.
If you want more information of high-quality components of Primalaser Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Please Contact Us

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Prima adopts Europe 80 years engineering design drawings and quality oriented attitude to build long-using-life and easy-to-operate CNC Machines with best after-sales Services.Prima Technology from Europe .Prima Have ISO & CE Certificates,3 Years Warranty Time.


Prima can do the designing according to customer samples ,photos or drawings, and manufacture the quality and using machines by very experienced and professional team .

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We commit to modern enterprise management methods, with a committed and meticulous management. This is to maintain the quality of our products, and is also the reason the products we deliver to our customers are the best quality.

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