35t 1600 NC Bending machine

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Primapress Company is a comprehensive high-tech industry,which has specializing in producing bending machine,shearing cutting machine fiber laser cutting and other machines related to sheet metal for more than 10 years.We have an experienced team including professional technicians, excellent salesman and logistics.Therefore, in the face of various customers, we’re going to provide them with the most professional answers and the best service.

In July of this year, I received an inquiry from Ecuador on my email.Mr Francisco wanted to buy a bending machine.Mr Francisco told me that it was his first time buying a bending machine,so he needed the most professional and useful information.Later I added his whatsapp,according to the workpiece pictures he provided me and some details that need to be bent,I calculated the tonnage and sent our catalog for him reference.Since the workpiece diagram is relatively simple, they are all bent at 90°, so I recommended him a 35t 1600 bending machine with NC E21 system.We will never recommend expensive machines to customers, only provide the more cost-effective machines according to customer requirements.

In the days following, I sent Mr Francisco some pictures and videos,at the same time showed him some pictures of our bending productions.I was glad to receive his request for quotation and made a detailed quotation for him, including specification information, technical parameters and latest pictures.

I followed up for a while and Mr Francisco didn’t give me any response.I thought have lost this customer until last week he asked if we had it in stock.Our Primapress is a big brand,Many common NC and CNC bending machines are in stock.I went to the factory to take pictures and videos specifically for him.In addition,We promised to offer a wooden box for free to ensure the safety during transportation.Therefore, we quickly signed a contract with Mr Francisco and received the payment.

Through this client, I learned that as long as we fully demonstrate our professionalism in front of the customer,with convictive facts to prove the ability of our factory and high-quality service.The customers will choose to trust you and place an order with you.

Of course these are all because there is a good company behind me.Primapress takes every step seriously,from product reasonable price, high quality,detailed quotation, clear video to strict packaging, timely and good after-sales service.I think these are the real reason for the good reputation.As long as you choose Primapress, we can promise these best service.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

I'm Jackson Cao, founder of prima-press, with over 30 years in the sheet metal industry. Our goal is to deliver valuable content related to sheet metal processing to a wider audience. Don't hesitate to get in touch—I'm delighted to offer top-tier service and products. Welcome to a world of premium sheet metal expertise!

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